Sisters Bruno Mars

Like their famous brother, Tahiti, Jamie Presley and Tiara childhood live music and, finally, make their first serious steps to stardom. The girls called their collective The Lylas. This sonorous name can also be decoded as love you like a sister (I love you like a sister). The truth is there was a small scandal, because in the last season of the American X-factor formed a group with almost identical name - Lylas because of what the course of the season they had to change it.

Group sound and look which fully meets the requirements of the market, has signed a contract with record label back in the summer, and recently launched work on their own reality show for one of the TV channels that will document cester moving from Hawaii to Los Angeles and writing debut album. It is commendable that the girls did not use due his brother as soon as possible, and have come to this yourself. By the way, one of the sisters at one time gave the recording of the young Bruno to the right people when he first started out.

To enable us to understand what we can expect some of them in the future, The Lylas released their first single
«Come back» and shot a modest video clip.


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