Michelle Williams

In an interview for the March issue of InStyle, the cover of which she shared with Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz, actress commented on her first romance with Jason Segel.

It turned out that Michelle was introduced to Jason, she did not know anything about him:

Before we started dating, I did not know who he is. Yes, I saw the movie "The Muppets" and I thought he was cute. But I did not know that he has starred in a variety of popular comedies and works in the series.
And it was not the only surprise:
And I did not know what he's so tall. I tried to wear shoes with wedges to align the image, but then dropped - it's not mine.
Michel was surprised by the support she received, open to the world, these relationships:

Recently, I walked down the street, the sun was shining, and I knew that smile as not smiled for a long time. If it pleases the people, then I feel fine. The opposite is often the case - you constantly accused of something. This is very painful. All what you want - is to be very happy that your child was happy that you have had a good life, and that you did a good job

Michel, Mathilde and Jason live together in New York:
I'm very sentimental so I keep things. I kept all the children's clothes Matilda, even torn items with stains. Lately I've cook and clean up. Now I am very homely person and I like it. I think this is a way to really express my love for my daughter Matilda. Not only, but important. As a mother, I want my baby back home in an environment that felt like the walls are made of fluff.
The actress also has difficulty in order to explain to Matilda glamorous side of Hollywood:
Recently my daughter and I were near the kiosk with the press, and she turned to me and asked, "Mom, why are all these women breast parade?" And instead talk about modern society, all I could say was, "Honey, I, honestly I do not know, "and she just shook her head.


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