Tulip field

When viewed from the bird's-eye view, these geometric patterns similar to the bright, abstract paintings. In fact, multi-colored stripes - tulip field in the Netherlands. The author of these stunning images is a French photographer Norman Shkop (Normann Szkop).

He hired a small plane, aerial photography swept over the unusual terrain. For the past 400 years, local farmers engaged in the cultivation of tulips. By the way, while sellers tulip bulbs to earn more money. The bride was given one bulb as a dowry.

Area, which is reserved for the cultivation of flowers more than 17, 5 thousand. Acres. Every year there are growing about three billion tulips, most of which is exported to various countries of the world. Flying over the colorful fields of the city in the north of the Netherlands, with the name of Anna Pavlovna, Shkop able to obtain unique images, painted in all the colors of the rainbow.

For the Netherlands, the tulip is a favorite flower and the main symbol of the country. Tourists around the world seek to get here from March to May, to admire the amazing beauty of billions of colors. Tulip field more than once inspired artists to create their masterpieces copyright. In the meantime, we have winter, invites you to enjoy this rainbow colored geometric shapes gentle, spring flower.


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