22 the most colorful places on the planet. From this beauty breath away!

Autumn is in full swing, the nature of our mind every day pleases a variety of colors, as if an invisible artist, while everyone is asleep, sprayed all around. The famous writer Albert Camus said that the fall of each piece - a flower. But in these 22-the most colorful places of nature all year round buyaet bright colors. Take a cup of warm tea, take refuge blanket and enjoy the sheer beauty of nature without Photoshop.

The Valley of Flowers National Park, India

Photo: Blogspot

Lake Five Tsvetkov, China

Photos: Panoramio

styloid phlox bloom in the park «Hitsujiyama», Japan

Photo: 500px

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Photo: FreeOpinionist

Terraced fields County, Yunnan, China

Photo: National Geographic

Lavender field, France

Photo: StaticFlickr

Lake Hillier, Australia

Photo: NextTripTourism

Braunwald, Switzerland

Photo: Reddit

Red Beach China

Photo: Imgur

Tulip field, Netherlands

Photo: SecondGlobe

Lake "hot spring", Wyoming

Photo: Wikipedia

County of Cornwall, England

Photo: StaticFlickr

The province of Alberta, Canada

Photo: Flickr

Rape fields in Liuping, China

Photo: Imgur

Shark Bay, Australia

Photo: TourisTrack

Natural object Pamukkale, Turkey

Photo: Turizmhaberleri

Garden Flowers Kawachi Fuji, Japan

Photo: Meteocity

Rainbow field in Hokkaido, Japan

Photo: PhotoBucket

Autumn in Vermont

Photo: Wikimedia

The river Caño Cristales, Colombia

Photo: Wikimedia

Highlands Namaqualand, Namibia

Photo: South-North

Yunau, Alaska

Photo: The Planet Online

It is a paradise for nature lovers. Share this beauty to your friends - podymi them up ... Let them draw inspiration from nature!

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