2013 Cannes Film Festival

The eighth day of the 66th Cannes Film Festival was timed to the premiere of two films. The first of these was the work of JC Chendora "All is lost," tells the story of a sailor who was stuck in the Indian Ocean on the broken ship. The main role in the film played the legendary Robert Redford. The second premiere film into a long-awaited film "Only God Forgives" - the result of joint cooperation with the Golden Palm and Nicolas Winding Ryan Gosling. The latter, incidentally, is very awaited in Cannes, but instead the film came to represent Kristin Scott Thomas.

No red carpet at Cannes is not without models - these girls know how to effectively apply themselves and their clothes in front of the audience and are the main decoration of the festival (after a multi-million dollar diamonds, of course). Alessandra Ambrosio, for example, shone on the red carpet payetochnym silvery dress with a spectacular rustling skirt and an open back. I really like that at all their physical data, Ali did not become over-exposed, unlike some of his colleagues (see below).

Petra Nemcova gave their preference to the next along Elie Saab. Dress straight silhouette done in a gentle peach-pink and decorated with sequins, beads and bugles - in the best traditions of the Lebanese designer. The image is beautiful, but it has at least one drawback - I do not know about you, but even I'm a big fan of Elie Saab, already tired of countless identical dresses of the fashion house on the red carpet.

Another model, Chinese Liu Wen was a true epitome of elegance in a dress Roberto Cavalli. Yes, elegance and Roberto Cavalli - things are quite compatible, particularly if the file is properly outfit with class, natural makeup and expensive, but not pretentious decorations.

Actress Araya Hargeyt, shine on the red carpet last in an unusual evening dress Zac Posen, again chosen for the premiere of the unexpected, interesting and unbanal image. Silver-blue dress rezortnoy collection of Salvatore Ferragamo was decorated with beaded fringe, which effectively "danced" with every movement Arai. Although I am not a big fan of this type of clothes, this dress I really liked it, but not so on the look of its owner. I do not know what happens to Araey, but her eyes are frightening.

Model Barbara Pelvin photojournalists posing in a black lace dress, which has long been a hallmark of Dolce & Gabbana. The discreet dress was complemented by hooligan orange eye make-up, who looked at the background of dress, though not very harmonious, but a lot of fun. In my opinion, the shadow to the brow looked on the red carpet is not quite appropriate, and might well have been replaced with orange arrows.

Jessica Chastain again opted for the creation of Givenchy. This time, the actress appeared on the red carpet in a purple dress with a rich finish and impressive silhouette of the hourglass. The dress looks royally luxurious and I just gasped from its beauty, but, unfortunately, the image of Jessica looks unfinished. She looked as if she is not on the red carpet of the most significant film festival in the world, and fitting attire in the studio. At least, sloppy ponytail and a complete absence of accessories says that's about it.

Irina Shayk in a typical creation of Roberto Cavalli - highlighted sex, transparency and excessive (excessive!) The number of open body. I agree that such a figure, like Ira, a sin to hide, but such is not afraid of the word, vulgar attire is unacceptable, not only in Cannes, but also in any other public place.

Milla Jovovich walked the red carpet in a dress Armani. I confess that I am not happy about this outfit, especially given the fact that it is very similar dress Prada, in which she appeared in yesterday's premiere of the restored "Cleopatra", but looks a little track and elegance.

Very pleased with their way of Kristin Scott Thomas, who arrived in Cannes to present his film "Only God Forgives". The actress went on the red carpet in a blue dress payetochnom Armani Prive with a V-neck. I was never really impressed Kristin fashion outlets, but this spectacular dress definitely deserves attention. The image was very glamorous and somewhat unexpected - to my great regret, couture outfits from the last collection of Armani is not often seen on the red carpet.

Company Kristin on the red carpet was a Chinese woman Zhang Ziyi, which this year takes the duties of a member of the jury in the competition program of the Film Festival "Un Certain Regard". The actress wore to the premiere of the couture dress by Chanel in 2009. In my opinion, a dress with Basque playful bow on the waist and shiny finish handmade look on Jan very well, but I was plagued by vague doubts about chiffon train. Do not overload whether it is? On the one hand, this is Cannes, and here is an integral trail, I would say, a mandatory part of any image. On the other hand, a dress decorated so lavishly and luxuriously, that other elements of the decor is no longer necessary. I'm still inclined to the first option - a loop to be. And you?


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