All of us for the citizenship !!! (13 photos)

Probably already heard about Gerard Depardieu, who in his old age became a citizen of the Russian Federation?
So, let's think about who else can give him a world star.
Not just for beautiful eyes, namely for his contribution to Russian art.
Immediately podyschu it work :)

Alain Delon

Contribution: do not drink cologne. He played in the film "Tehran-43" and "Happy New Year, Mom!", Both times - the central dream of Russian women.

Employment: the reality show "Marry Alain Delon" on the federal TV channel.

Ralph Fiennes

Contribution: Eugene Onegin in "Onegin", a rare quality for the adaptation of Russian abroad - especially poetry - text.

Employment: it is already preparing for the role in the Russian film "A Month in the Country", but in general, Turgenev, there are other stories, each as if specially written for Fiennes.

Keira Knightley

Contribution: Anna Karenina in "Anna Karenina" and Lara in "Doctor Zhivago" - for such immediately give two passports without any hesitation.

Employment: Katyusha Maslova in the new film adaptation of Tolstoy's "Resurrection».

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Contribution: police captain Ivan Danko in "Red heat." Personal example for millions.

Employment: the mayor of Moscow.

Bruce Willis

Contribution: many times saving the planet for that long ago earned the passport of any state at all. Judging by the trailer of the fifth "Die Hard," this February will save from destruction has directly to Moscow.

Employment: the new defense minister.

Helen Mirren

Contribution: Lidia nee Elena Mironova, so Russian citizenship only to restore historical justice. Serious, plus - the role of Sophia Andreevna Tolstoy, the main wives of Russian literature.

Employment: on the Russian throne, too, is Elizabeth.

James Cameron

Bathyscaphe "Mir-1" lights railings sunk "Titanic»

Contribution: thanks to "Titanic" on the bathyscaphe "Peace" and the research vessel "Akademik Mstislav Keldysh" any moviegoer knows. And thanks to "Avatar" - the immortal Yakut epic "Olonkho».

Employment: Research work on the consolidation of the Russian Arctic continental shelf borders.

Natalie Portman

Contribution: the popularization of "Swan Lake" and classical traditions of Russian Ballet in "Black Swan." And Queen Amidala - is clearly our man.

Employment: prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater.

Malcolm McDowell

Contribution: kill the king in "regicide" in the old days he would have for it also gave the Hero. But now, most will remember about Prince Bolkonsky in the TV version of "War and Peace."
Employment: episodic play "heinous" as in all films launched in Russia.

Tom Cruise

Contribution: he escaped from prison in Moscow, proved that was not involved in the explosion of the Kremlin and the Russian security services helped in every way to prevent a nuclear war ("Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol»).

Employment: together with the same Mashkov will play in the "Piranha 2", only now Mashkov will be the coolest.

Milla Jovovich

Contribution: the carrier of the Russian language in the pragmatic world of Hollywood. In addition, as we know now, "Umbrella" is located near the Kamchatka.
Employment: "Freaks 2" or anything else from Timur Bekmambetov, with the support of Channel One.

Woody Allen

Contribution: the film "Love and Death", a parody of the classic Russian novels, made with a deep and genuine knowledge of the original. Chekhov notes and quotes from Dostoyevsky felt in other paintings of the great director.
Employment: will shoot a film, the effect of which will unfold within the Golden Ring.

Harrison Ford

Contribution: the captain of the submarine "K-19" Aleksey Vostrikovs and all the brave man in all respects.
Career: Played in Russian cinema Russian president.



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