Witches Hadramawt (11 photos)

Hadhramaut - one of the provinces in southern Yemen.
This place is famous for "mud skyscrapers" - high-rise buildings built of palm trunks and unfired clay bricks.
Even this place is remarkable appearance of women who dress up as witches fabulous.

1. "Fantastic" appearance of women living in Hadramawt give especially their huge - up to 50 centimeters tall - straw hats.

2. Such a hat - not a whim, but a kind of "thermostat", which allows you to work under the scorching sun, the temperature sometimes reaches fifty degrees. Near the head is always kept a layer of cold air. And women can in any weather herd goats or work in the fields.

3. The person with the closed mask - "niqab". Not to be confused with the chador (veil, too, have this scarf that covers the hair, in Yemen, it is relatively small, and in some countries, women cover themselves in a veil from head to toe). Niqab in southern Yemen is like a mask, in his mid-upper and lower part connects the thin thread that gives eyes copiously let down antimony, a very peculiar kind.

4. A friend of mine compared with women Hadramawt ninja. Perhaps the similarity really is. In any weather Hadramawt women wear a black robe - abaya. It's made of synthetics because synthetics are cheaper. Black, as I suspect, only a tribute to tradition - need to spend less water for washing.

5. Only in Hadramaut and only in some villages I saw him Abai sleeveless. Sleeves in this case put on separately, is an independent part of the wardrobe. Hands girls are not tattooed and painted, then paint coming off itself.

6. sleeves, often richly adorned with embroidery, fixed with special bandages.

7. shod "witch" in quite banal rubber shoes or sneakers in China.

8. I assumed for some time that the pommel and the color of the hat means belonging to a certain tribe - as a form of scabbard and hilt of a dagger men. But then came to the conclusion that everything is much banalnee- there is such a master fabric and wrap it. Because from his point of view hat finial beautiful. That's why some sharp-edged hats, others with rounded outlines, I did not understand. However, there are hats and more familiar to us as well. But thin, with a small head with a Yemenite hidden under the mask faces still look very exotic.

9. Seeing on the road "witches", distilled herds, tourists usually grab the camera - take a picture of each hunt is a miracle. But from the point of view of Yemeni women photos - is "Haram" sin. They even have to believe that a computer with any photo you can remove the mask from his face, and then everything you see on the internet - this is a disgrace! Therefore Yemenite throw stones at tourists. The lady that stands to the left, just throws a stone at me. Yes, I got these photos is not easy :)))

10. And some more advanced, seeing tourists immediately hide hats under their arms to the silhouette was less interesting.

11. I'm pretty much traveled to Yemen - including single-handedly. And the last time so many learned Arabic words that could have a little chat with "witches." Now they are not so much afraid of me. They did not know where is Moscow, but when they learned that I was Russian, asked if I tried vodka. They asked how many children I have, very sorry for, finding that only one, and advised "wonderful doctor who exactly will help." Shied away from the camera and terribly fun when I gave it to them in his hands, and they photographed their goats and chickens.

Source: annabaskakova.livejournal.com


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