Stories about witches

Some witches deserved notoriety, and many were unjustly accused victim. Before you - a selection of the most famous in the history of witches.

1. Bridget Bishop and other Salem witch

In 1692, the year in the English town of Salem took the loudest trial of witches in history. In total, have been accused of witchcraft from 172 to 200 people, 19 of them hanged, and the others imprisoned.

It all started with the fact that the two girls, 9-year-old Betty and the 11-year-old Abigail began to behave strangely: it fell into a depression, the feverish gaiety. Sometimes they fell to the floor in convulsions fought, screamed and called someone, with sometimes not their native language. When his father, Pastor Samuel Parris city, began to read prayers over them, the sisters stopped their ears and shouted even louder.

Served in the house Negro Tituba agreed that children moved in demons. To test this, she poured a piece of meat of their urine, fried it, and then feed the dog. The girls did not help, but one of them writhing whispered the name Negro - the poor woman, are accused of witchcraft and taken into custody.

Then the sisters came to be called other names, alarmed the whole city, custody entered into more and more new women. First executed became the owner of several city taverns Bridget Bishop. She was known in particular, successful woman, but public opinion condemned her for excessive extravagance - the love of frank red dress. Bridget was accused of witchcraft - in building damage Betty, Abigail and the other girls, deterioration of livestock and used witchcraft to dolls. Some local residents said that they had seen it used these dolls: stick needles in them, burned dolls heels and the like. A certain Samuel Shattuck showed that the Bishop asked him to paint for her tiny lace that were too small to use them to decorate the dress.

During the trial, Bishop behaved very aggressively, as a result of her hanged. This was followed by the execution of other women. It is unknown whether patients have recovered the girl, but the wax dolls in the house of Bridget Bishop indeed found.

2. Agnes Sampson

In 1590, the year, on the eve of All Saints Day, the coast of Scotland was played terrible storm. Storms in these areas were commonplace, but this time the storm patted ship Princess Anne - Bride Scottish King James IV. The ship survived only by a miracle, and the whole fleet had to stop in Norway, to wait out bad weather. Storms delayed for a long time, and the King personally went to meet his future wife and was able to get to it. But when the royal couple tried to break the sea in Scotland, the storm swooped again.

After a long exhausting journey the couple still get to the place. Superstitious king was sure their vehicles struck the storm - not just played out the elements, but a real witchcraft. So in Scotland began a witch hunt.

First midwife accused of County East Lothian Agnes Sampson. She attributed to witchcraft and visit Sabbaths, attended by Satan himself. They said that it is Satan ordered Agnes and other witches cause a storm to destroy the Queen Anne. Woman tortured, first put on her special device called "witch bridle," and when she confessed in everything and issued five more of their accomplice, strangled and burned at the stake.

The story does not end there. Later in the halls of Holyrood Palace allegedly often met the ghost of Agnes, and said that those who see it, certainly drown.

3. Anna Koldings

Anna Koldings was another woman, accused of witchcraft during the Scottish witch-hunt. That's her name aforesaid Agnes Sampson called first.

I must say that Anna is really behaved strangely - at least, according to residents of the time. She loved to wander alone through the fields and forests of Scotland, rarely went to church, and almost no one talked. The woman was poor, had no influential relatives, so to accuse her of witchcraft was easy. She also confessed under torture to his involvement in a call to the storm and intercourse with Satan. Moreover, she said that in the days of their girlhood breastfed infant son of Satan. Anna burned alive at the stake, and she went down in history under the name of the Mother of the Devil.

4. Marie Laveau

Known as the "Snake Queen" Maria Laveau was perhaps the most famous resident of New Orleans. His nickname she received due to the fact that kept a huge python named Zombie. Moreover, it is considered the founder of voodoo in New Orleans. Local clergy feared and hated Mary, but to do something to her in the "enlightened" 19th century, and even in America, could not.

It was introduced in Maria Orleans voodoo cult fashion on the use of certain Christian symbols: the crucifixion, the image of the saints. So she hoped to show that voodoo in no way does not contradict Christianity. However, many religious services included drinking rooster blood and subsequent wild orgies. It has made a big impact New Orleans, had extensive contacts with the right people, and, according to legend, was cured of epilepsy daughter of the mayor.

Another story related to Mary: a girl from a wealthy and influential family would be forced to marry an old man. Young bride in love with another and threatened to kill herself if it be forced into marriage. Worried bride turned to Lavaux to give him a love potion. After that, the young bride as if by magic there was a surprising change: it has ceased to resist and obediently went to the altar. After the wedding, at the wedding feast of the aged groom had a stroke, and he died in front of the crowd of guests. The fact that the bride had time to turn to Lavo before, and she chose to help to her. The girl had left the state and eventually marry her lover, and Lavaux went from grateful young solid reward for help.

Maria died of natural causes at the age of 87 years as a Catholic and was buried in the cemetery in the holy land.

5. Laurie Cabot

Laurie Cabot - a modern witch who lives and well to this day. In 1977 she was awarded the official title of "witches of Salem" by Massachusetts governor. As a six year old girl, Laurie often affects adults of nowhere holding revelations. She said that all of these wonderful things to tell her "voice". At 14 years young Laurie moved to Boston, where she met two witches, whose names are unknown, and that they saw the girl's a real talent to the occult and began to teach her everything that they think is necessary to know the real witch.

Lori was a bold and at the end of the 1960s decided to openly declare the public about what it is - a real witch. Cabot began wearing long black robes and other ritual pentacle jewelry. Initially, laugh at her, afraid of her, but eventually got used. Laurie moved to Salem - a city in Massachusetts - and became willing to teach anyone's guess on the Tarot cards. Parallel to this, it is with the help of clairvoyance helped police in uncovering complex crimes, to diagnose diseases at the human aura, and later founded the "League of public recognition of the witches." Lori has done a great deal to the witches are not considered hazardous, and actively fought for the rights of witches and their recognition in the society. She is the author of the book "The Power of Witches", debunks most stereotypes about witches and their main purpose.

6. Kael Merry

During the Inquisition in the Dutch town of Roermond began to happen strange events. Knows what sick and dying children and the elderly, falls dead cattle, quickly turns sour milk. All these events peasants attributed acts witch - Danish Kael Merry.

Spaniards were leading a witch trial, insisted on torture, but the Dutch court was more humane and just sent out of the country Merry, because she swore on the Bible in his innocence. However, it later tracked down and drowned in the river Spanish mercenary.

7. Enten Gillis

During the same process in the Netherlands were accused of witchcraft and other women. In particular, executed midwife Enten Gillis. Under torture at Enten pulled recognition that a young man she slept with the devil, killed more unborn children and tiny babies. The woman identified a number of names and, according to legend, cursed the whole city before it hung.

All during this process were executed 63 women. All admitted that they carry out their atrocities ordered the Devil, and they could not disobey.


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