Nightmares (10 photos)

Writer Diane Brand for many years engaged in the study of dreams, she says that our subconscious is trying to return us to the internal balance and integrity.
Let's find out why we have nightmares.

1. The disease and other situations involving health

Such dreams are dreams, when a person is afraid of something new, which should enter into his life. But it can also mean fear to catch some disease or the fear that things will go wrong as intended. In rare cases, the dream is a harbinger of the disease and dreams when the disease is already there, but the man about it does not know yet.

2. you are attacked or wounded
This dream speaks of the fear of other people. Perhaps fear of criticism or fear of not fit into the new environment. Sometimes this nightmare shows real fear of violence. Therefore, to correctly interpret the sleep you need to know what is happening in the person's life.

3. Problems with auto
This type of loss is a nightmare strength to move on, or loss of control over their own lives. Often the car symbolizes the ability to achieve something new in life.

4. Sink
Perhaps you feel depressed or you know that a lot of effort spent on the business without getting anything in return. For the correct interpretation of the need to know all the nuances of sleep. For example, in a dream you can sink and see no one around, or be around a lot of people, or you deliberately drowned in a dream. In each case, the interpretation of sleep will be different.


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