10 most common nightmares

Writer and radio Diane Brandon is engaged in research of sleep for many years and have deciphered hundreds of dreams.

"It seems to me that our subconscious mind (the source of most of, if not all of our dreams) - an ally who is trying to return us to our integrity and inner balance," - says Brandon.

This article contains explanations of the ten most common nightmares.
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1. Illness or any emergencies related to health

This nightmare can be attributed to man's fear of something new and unknown, that only part of his life. But apart from that, it can also mean fear to pick up serious disease, and the fear that something might go wrong, as it was intended.

Sometimes the dream of the disease may be a warning that the disease actually exists, although the man about it and do not even suspect.

2. attacks you or you're injured

This type of nightmare reflects the fear of other people - for example, that a person can not fit into a certain circle, or that he would be criticized. Sometimes the dream can be caused by direct violence and fear. In order to correctly interpret the dream, it is important to know what is really happening in a person's life during this period.

3. Problems with the car

This dream can mean that a person does not feel the strength to move on in his life, or even that he had lost control over their own lives.

The car often symbolizes not just a means of transportation from place to place, and the ability to achieve something new in life.

4. Sink

This nightmare could mean that you feel depressed or have spent a lot of effort in any case, nothing is received in return. To explain this dream is important to take into account all the nuances that are present in it.

For example, if a person dreams that he is drowning, and around one - this one, surrounded by people - a few more, and if it deliberately stoked - the meaning can be quite different.

5. Fall

In itself, the fall in the dream can not be called a nightmare - there are so-called "hypnagogic state" or a transitional state between sleep and wakefulness. It is when we feel that we fall, shudder, wake up, and then understand that slept.

These same nightmares downs may reflect a fear of heights, fear of losing control over the situation, the lack of a sense of solid ground under their feet in life, or even the fear of death.

6. teeth fall

A person who dreams that teeth fall out, or feels that he can not devote their lives back on track, or it can not cope with its task. In addition, these dreams can be a sign of lack of confidence in the social life, feeling of unpleasantness or fear that revealed the incompetence of anything.

For more accurate decoding of the sleep you need to know what is happening in the person's life at the moment.

7. Get lost

For a child, this can be a nightmare worse than for adults, but it can be seen at any age.

For an adult, it can mean the absence of solid support in the sense of life, that person does not know what to decide, and in which direction to move forward.

8. To fill up the exam

This is a very common type of dreams, although the details can be quite different. They can indicate that a person feels unprepared for something or did important work as they should. In addition, pile examination in a dream can a man who feels that he must prove their worth or feels his inconsistency place that takes.

Knowing what is happening in the life and work of a man who suffers like a nightmare, it is possible to decode them accurately. It is also important to take into account all the details of a dream.

Actors, for example, very often dream that they go on stage without knowing the role.

9. To appear naked in a public place

This nightmare often means that a person feels vulnerable or defenseless, as if his secrets might be known to all that he can not live up to expectations or can not cope with anything.

10. Harassment

Many people dream have to run away from anyone or anything. This usually means that a person feels depressed that he catches something he studiously tried to avoid, or that he was afraid not to have time to do what is necessary.

To interpret this dream, it is important how a person experiences what he dreamed. Chases in a dream does not always cause discomfort, and then they can not be regarded as nightmares.



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