For some reason it is not recommended to read a book and listen to music at the same time


For some people just could not bear the silence. They used to take care of business while the TV or radio, creating a certain background. And for them, no matter what program or music in the air, the main thing that was not so quiet. Even reading a book in the oppressive silence gives them some concern, making it impossible to concentrate. At this point, it turns on the music, which creates a quiet background, and you can safely get behind the "absorption of literature." Here are just immediately begs the question, what is the use of simultaneous reading and listening to music? Why is not recommended to read and listen to music at the same time? Those people who love to read books and listen to music at the same time, do wrong. The problem is that these two simultaneous sessions can not bring absolutely no benefit, there will be no results, and the music will not be heard in normal conditions, and the old will not be assimilated. We have all heard of Gaius Julius Caesar, who got his fame due to the ability to deal simultaneously with several cases. Speaking of his contemporaries, we can confidently assert that Julius Caesar was left far behind. Today's young people can simultaneously view video movies, engaging in parallel reading, eating or telephone conversations food. Why not combine those two things as music and books? The simplest explanation is inevitable headaches due to the fact that the brain is forced to work on two processes, capturing and assimilating music literature. It is not recommended to do it because it will have to constantly be distracted from one process to another. Many people are mistaken in thinking that the primary role given to reading and music need to create the background. In fact, both of these processes on an equal footing. If you are distracted by a familiar melody or listened to the unfamiliar word, thereby detracting from the reader, the assimilation of the text read more difficult. 596b19a6cd.jpg

Simultaneous reading and listening to music is very harmful, since there is an overload of the brain stimulated simultaneously participate in two different processes. For use and enjoyment and avoid headaches are advised to share these lessons. Scientists have proved that when there is no attention as a result slows down the reading, understanding and memorizing reduced text. When your attention is distracted by extraneous sounds and music, lost motivation of reading, reading comprehension is difficult, since it is necessary to read or a text or a passage over and over again. So, if you want to achieve acceleration of reading, it is important to train attention and create conditions that reduce or eliminate distracting objects, including music.



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