New cars for Batman

"Look, Alex, what can be done from an ordinary sewing machine" Singer ". This tipster said Balaganov, pointing to the car Kozlevich. It is not known, however, from which gathered "wildebeest" Adam Kazimirovich.
But the driver of Finnish Antti Rako, went back in 1984 in the United States and now lives in Florida, it took more than a decade, the two body «Mercedes Benz», some of the details of the «Chrysler Imperial» and many other components of the various mechanisms. The result is a beast that bears the name "Finnijet". 86 light sources, mirrors 36 and even two cases of jet engines, which are used for exhaust - not all the delights that are present in this monstre.Oporoy Body in the center is an additional bridge with four wheels. Inside there is enough space to accommodate 10 people, microwave, refrigerator, TV, air conditioning and additional functional even a sauna. "Finnijet" is driven by a turbodiesel powerplant from the «Mercedes», while all illumination is powered by three groups of batteries and 3 power generators.
The author put their offspring at auction and wants to get him at least a million green. I think he'll get even more. Enviable investment.


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