10 actors who hate their movies

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Usually, the actors speak positively about their work, even if they received a low rating. But there are exceptions: some stars can not stand his paintings, regardless of their success.

Site will tell you about those actors who, for one reason or another do not like his movies.

1. Daniel Radcliffe — "Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince"

The actor literally grew up on set, because the production of 8 films about Harry Potter took 10 years. Daniel was so accustomed to the role of a young wizard that we can hardly imagine in his place someone else. However, the actor himself about his work is much more critical of any spectator. He said that he hated the 6th movie of Harry Potter, because he played it horribly.

2. Robert Pattinson — "Twilight"

Surprisingly, Pattinson, who became a star thanks to her role in "Twilight", just can't stand this Saga. The network even has a blog dedicated to the sayings of the actor, where he speaks about his films in the most unflattering way. "The longer I read the script, the more I hated Edward Cullen. I would have never been able to find a reasonable reason why the 108-year-old guy wants to be in high school. He's certainly got a problem."

3. George Clooney is "Batman and Robin"

It's hard to argue with the fact that Clooney is a great actor. But even in his impressive filmography, you can find failures. For example, the 1997 film "Batman and Robin" was so bad that after it for 8 years no one dared to make a new Batman movie. And George Clooney decided to apologize to those who watched it. "I met Adam West (Batman from the TV series 60's) and apologized in front of him. And for the nipples on the Batman suit too, sorry!»

4. Halle berry — "cat Woman"

The film caused a lot of criticism and, as a result, won several awards "Golden raspberry", one of which went to Halle as the worst actress. Unlike most winners of this award, Halle berry did not hesitate to appear at the ceremony in person and give a speech, in which were these words: "I want to thank Warner Brothers for what they made me star in a crappy movie."

5. Alec Guinness — "Star wars"

Sir Alec Guinness once called Star wars "fairytale rubbish," but it's forgivable. After all, his first Oscar he received for 20 years before the first film of the original trilogy was released. Guinness did not consider the role of Obi-WAN so serious work, and dialogues of the characters and even caused him irritation.

6. Sean Connery movies James bond

"I always hated that damn James bond. I would have killed him" — these words belong to Sean Connery. According to sir Sean, James bond quickly turned into a parody of himself. It is believed that because of the dislike of the bond Connery was donating his entire fee for the movie "Diamonds are forever".

7. Sandra Bullock — "Speed-2"

The actress regrets her part in this not very good film, and believes she is not worth to star in the sequels: "I had 2 of the sequel, and the venture didn't work out".

8. Bill Murray's "Garfield"

The actor thought that, he did not bother to read to the end, was written by Joel Cohen (Joel Coen), and immediately agreed, because he always liked the films of the Coen brothers. In fact, the author was not one of the brothers and another writer with a similar name (Joel Cohen). In the end Murray took a job in the film, which was not such as he expected, and regretted it.

9. Jim Carrey — "Kick-2"

Jim Carrey has reconsidered his participation in this movie after the tragedy in sandy hook, when a young man opened fire in an elementary school. The actor said that while he was not ashamed of being a Captain, he does not support violence, especially in such a scale as in this picture.

10. Chloe Moretz — "the Red shoes and the 7 dwarfs"

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This animated picture was not yet time to go, and it had a barrage of criticism. Including from colleagues of Jim Carrey in the film "Kick-2" Chloe Moretz. And all because of a slogan of an advertising campaign that ridiculed the weaknesses of appearance: "what if Snow white never pretty, but dwarves are not so short?»

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