Three-dimensional map of the universe

Researchers working on the project Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-III), released the most extensive at present a three-dimensional map of the universe. Published online DR9 card contains information about millions of galaxies. It represents the first third of the full version of the map, to be set up to the end of the six-year project. The image of each galaxy placed at a point three-dimensional map corresponding to its actual position in certain cases. According to the head of works on DR9 Michael Blanton from New York University, the task of project is to create maps of the universe, which will benefit future generations of scientists. "I am proud of the research, because it becomes our contribution to the formation of the heritage for the future", - he said. The three-dimensional map is designed to help in the study of the distribution of matter in the universe, such as quasars, dark matter and dark energy over a period of billions of years.



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