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have already known from Odessa Valeria Lukyanova, which looks like a Barbie doll, there was a rival - her compatriot Anastasia Shpagin. Girl, thanks to an unusual make-up, 48-cm waist, big eyes and red hair, like a cartoon character anime.

The new Internet star whose cartoon image of beauty eclipsed Ukrainian Barbie Valeria Lukyanova, admitted that he did not watch Japanese cartoons and very offended when it is called "animeshnitsey" reports Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine.

"It is particularly frustrating when somewhere in the caption of another picture of my readers:" crazy animeshnitsa decided to change the image, it is now the heroine of a certain cartoon ", - told the publication Shpagin. - I do not like this genre. Never anime was not looking and hardly going to do it ».

The girl also admitted that she hates being photographed, as he considers himself inphotogenic. It is because of this she began to experiment with their own appearance. According to her, the image of a little girl in a vintage dress accentuates her wasp waist, not the last. He's just at the moment it seems most udachnym.

"I like all the girls, even in five years arrived at my mother's cosmetics and while no one was home, began to paint - the girl said. - Most complacent that was made from a copy of my mother, and I was fascinated, and find their way until now ».

New online star dreams of becoming a professional make-up artist. "I want to show that a woman's face is plastic, can work with it as with a sculpture. Part of my appearance - evidence of how using professional tools can be changed "- shared ona.

Girl admits that people are not always willing to accept her image: "Sometimes people react to my appearance is inadequate. Some are afraid of me and pass me the tenth dear ».

And clients of a beauty salon where she works at the sight of an unusual girl are speechless.

"Sometimes they come out of his stupor long after their appearance, we put in order - told Shpagin. - We go mostly people are quite wealthy, and men - and I work in the men's department - somehow always seems that I begin to experiment with their looks or hair. They are terribly afraid of this. And begin to pester with questions, saying how much money I spent on the operation, what my waist and my eyes there is. Well, of course my! "

The girl assured that did not do any plastic surgery, though not exclude such a possibility in the future. "I clearly know that I would want to change in yourself. The first thing I want to change the shape of the nose. Now I'm correcting it visually through the make-up and play of light and shade. Then I would have changed the shape of the eyes. I want them to become even more - admitted Shpagin. - And finally, it would be nice to doctors worked with my waist - it is really my sore spot. "



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