10 stunning anime movies that are worth seeing

For those who have never watched the anime and do not understand, "Che on it all so go crazy?" The site was a selection of the best films from which to begin acquaintance with the genre. You will not be disappointed!

1. Spirited Away (2002) h2> < br />
Hayao Miyazaki - a living legend and a magician, who gave children and adults all over the world a story. If you want to look good anime movie, you can select any tape created by Miyazaki. Besides, we can not give him credit, he probably put the most effort into popularizing anime on this planet. "Spirited Away" - a feature-length animated film, shot all the laws disneyvskih illustration, only the Japanese soul.

2. From Up on Poppy Hill (2011) h2>

Cartoon "From Up on Poppy Hill" - screen adaptation of the manga (Japanese comic book) that viewers around the world saw in 2011. Script - the same maestro Hayao Miyazaki, but engaged in directing this film, his son Goro.

The plot of the cartoon touching and kind, like the rest of the picture, leaving the studio "Ghibli". The father of the protagonist Umi sailor killed during the Korean War in the early fifties, and his mother was leaving to study in the United States, leaving the entire economy, the two younger children and grandmother to Umi. Every morning she rises above the house flags, how to punish the father: as he could, podplyvaya to the house, found that he was waiting ...

3. Children Who Chase Lost Voices (2011) h2>

The main heroine of "Children Who Chase Lost Voices" Asuna - schoolgirl who lost her father very early and now lives with her mother. Most of the time she spends alone, because my mother works in a hospital on the night shift. At school she had a very good performance, but friends are not so much.

One day on the way to the hill on her huge creature attacks, from which it makes a young man named Xiong. A few days later Asuna learns that Xiong died, and sent to the underworld Agharta to meet again with his friend.

4. Transformers (1986) h2>

Anime cartoon from the eighties demonstrates that dashing and exciting to tell the tale of a post-industrial robots and vehicles at the same time possible and without Michael Bay. The plot revolves around space wars Desiptikonov evil and good Transformers, they are in the "distant" future - in 2005 - on the planets of the Unicorn and Leighton.

5. Ghost in the Shell (1995, 2004, 2006) h2>

Mamoru Oshii - directed three feature-length anime film "Ghost in the Shell" and "Ghost in the Shell 2" and "-3" - to create movies with a large period. The entire series - the film adaptation of the manga of the same name, and in 2013 the same company launched the series, the plot of which has much in common with the original paintings. These films - not that other, as the prototype of the legendary "Matrix" Wachowski brothers.

According to the story, in 2029, all people living in the world, currently implanted in the brain, electronic implants ...

6. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2007) h2>

This story that is probably because you're having fun, somebody else is paying the price of suffering. The main character is a child picture nedetskiy name - Makoto Konno - ordinary schoolgirl who does not understand what she do in the future, do poorly in school and is always late. Because of the rather strange scene on the canvas Rail goods Makoto gets an amazing ability - now she can move in time. How does it do? Of course, I began to change their own reality, reshaping the story of his life on several occasions.

7. In the forest, where fireflies flicker (2011) h2>

This film - the ideal solution for those who have no more than an hour out to see something remarkably good and touching. "In the forest, where fireflies flicker" - the film adaptation of the manga Yuki Mindorikavy, released in 2011.

Six year old girl Hotaru lost in an enchanted forest. She meets a young man in a mask named Gin, presented the forest spirit that can melt away from the touch of a man. With the help of a new friend Hotaru came out of the woods, but returned the next day to meet again with Vin.

8. Reinforced (2006) h2>

"Reinforced concrete" like first of all at incredible graphics. This cartoon is drawn so skillfully that despite the fact that the classics of the genre, he did not not include it in the selection of films for novices can not. By the way, if you do not like anime and manga for the huge eyes of the main characters, there is in this respect everything is fine.

The plot unfolds in the city of the future that frightens its contrast. Two orphans roam day and night on the town riches, trying to find a way to survive.

9. Paprika (2006) h2>

In the near future doctor named Takita invents a new way of dealing with mental disorders: a device that allows you to break into the dreams of patients and monitor them.

The head of the new project DC Mini, as part of which is developing this alternative means, Dr. Atsuko begins to use the invention before it is officially authorized for medical practice. Using his alter-ego, the 18-year-old redhead Paprika, Atsuko gets into the heads of their patients. At the final stage of research and the attacker steals the device begins to reduce its victims insane, introducing them to dream of a madman. With this and have to deal with the main characters.

10. My Neighbor Totoro (1988) h2>

Complete list will be in the same place where they started. Even if you do not understand completely nchiego in the anime, then you can still see the image exactly Totoro, a character who is in Japan - a real pop star. "My Neighbor Totoro" - a film by Hayao Miyazaki, who made a director of the world legend.

Satsuki and Mei - sisters, moved with his family in an old house, inhabited by spirits. In the forest nearby, they get acquainted with the amazing creatures Totoro, who is the guardian of the forest. Soon, Mei learned that my mother is in the hospital for a longer period than expected, it goes to her and lost. Totoro Satsuki help find her sister.

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