Blind dog in Alaska

Blind dog Abby found a way home in 40-degree frost in Alaska. He walked 16 kilometers on the smell, once the house of the local mahouts sled dogs. The driver found Abby and returned to owners.
Abby lost during a snow storm December 13th. The family, with whom he lived for 8 years since they took him from the shelter puppy no longer hoped to find psa.

The driver Mark May said that he had seen the dog on December 19 when he led a large dog team. Abby ran with the relay, but has lagged behind, and Mae could not stop because of the large number of dogs. The next day, a blind dog appeared at the house May. The driver did not find any traces of Abby frostbite. In the dog did not have a microchip, and the hosts were found with the help of social networks. "We are so grateful for all the help. We gave the best Christmas we could want, "- said Grapengeter.



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