Breakfast around the world

Breakfast is considered the most important meals per day, affecting our well-being and performance. However, in different places the concept of right and healthy breakfast differ dramatically. In this article we have tried to give an idea of ​​the most common breakfast for around the world. Australia: cold cereal with milk and toast with pasta "Vedzhemayt" .

Brazil: ham, cheese, bread and coffee molokom

China Breakfasts vary from region to region, but the most popular dish similar to dumplings called dim sum sim

Colombia: Bogota's traditional soup changua, which are used for the preparation of the milk, chives and yaytsa

Cuba: coffee with milk and Tostado - fried in butter slices of bread. Bread made poppy kofe

England: scrambled eggs, bacon, beans and griby

France: croissants and kofe

Germany: cold meats, sausages, local cheeses and freshly baked hleb

India idli cakes - a traditional dish of the southern part of the country. They are made from black lentils and rice and served with local pripravami

Italy: cappuccino pechenem

Japan: miso soup, rice, steamed and Japanese solenya

Morocco: a sandwich with jam, cheese or maslom

Nigeria: many ethnic groups, and a wide variety of breakfast. One of the most popular morning dishes - my, my. This bean paste, wrapped in leaves and cooked in paru.

Portugal: croissants with fillings, or bread with jam or cheese and kofe

Turkey: bread, cheese, butter, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, jam, honey and clotted cream dairy product. In addition, traditional breakfast included sudzhuk - spicy Turkish sausage and Turkish chay

United States: the tradition in different places are different, but the most typical breakfast includes eggs, thick pancakes, bacon or corn hlopya.



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