Folk art

Our country is full of people who work - in the blood. They did not finish art academies and perhaps do not know what postmodernism, but it does not prevent them to do.
I offer the best examples of folk art in the last month for which it is impossible not to draw attention. Marketing. Level: God

Kotick innocent

Broke system

A dishonest writing is on the wall

A chewing gum - an illusion

*** Approvingly

The saddest graffiti

He - a cool grandfather. And what do you got?

The best advertising a trip to India

All the ashes!

Well, at least something is known Belev


Or not to smoke?

Copywriting from the shop superintendent

Memes in action

Memes in action

This approach is also appropriate

War physicists

When it lost the battle for a place

Not for you, my rose bloomed

The school toilets. Pottermany understand

And gave a smile :)



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