A trip to the plateau

Lago-Naki - a plateau in the Western Caucasus, located at an altitude of 2,200 meters. This place is famous for its alpine meadows and spectacular views. Today you will go along with blogger oskanov on a photo tour of this stunning location. Be prepared, under the cut will be waiting for the abundance of gorgeous photos of autumn. From the height of the picture opened enchanting!

Cloudy and plenty of fog prevented the bright red sunrise. It turned out this way.

After breakfast we went to shoot in the woods. Forests in the Caucasus is very picturesque, but because when you get them, the eyes just run away and you do not know what to photograph. People immediately dispersed on the ground, and were only heard cheers. Most of my.

I'm afraid that's going to rain, and we can not shoot enough. There was, of course, the "Plan B" - to return to the guest house and listen to a lecture about Vlad image processing, but the plan "A" - pofotkat nature - was more desirable for all members of the group. We were lucky - we got rain instead of chic fog that enveloped the entire forest.

Also, I once again found myself sad thoughts - I'm lazy. As usual, I felt sorry for the gate and brought as a result of a little more than two hundred staff. Vlad also was unstoppable and, like a young deer, play in the woods for miles. And I have made for themselves is another important conclusion - frames made feet. Think less - more go.

After the forest, we took to the road and went along Skalnik. Forms were fantastic. I thought that many of the photos stored in a separate folder, and will take the stage design for his novel there. However, I doubt that I have enough words.

The wind began to blow away the fog that lay like a blanket over the forest. The sun came out. We decided to climb to the Skalník and shoot with upland forest, through the haze bald spots, scattered by the winds.

The first day we walked a lot, and in the evening all get tired. It was time to go back for dinner. We boarded the bus, and the forest was surprised looking after a group of armed men strange strange tripods and guns.

Landscape photo tour without a tripod - money down the drain!

The next day we decided to dedicate "water treatment" and went to the river, where it was possible to practice shooting skills at slow shutter speeds. Such places in the vicinity were many. So the scope for creativity was enormous.

After the gorge we went to the river, where there was a curious three hundred meter long suspension bridge. I tried to take the river on a long exposure, but people were walking across the bridge from our group and he rocked why lubricated in the frame. Therefore, I decided to remove the bridge later, and went to see what was on the other side.

After the bridge was clearing, with some abandoned buildings. I wandered around a bit, took off and returned to the neighborhood group. By the time everything is moved back, and the bridge is no longer swayed. Can be removed and the river and its long exposure. Someone's barn and logs. Judging by the heels and manure, there is often fetches horses.

Began to rain. But I noticed that a little rain does not bother shooting. On the contrary - the weather makes all the colors juicy and fresh. The main thing - do not soak much camera.

After a photo shoot at the bridge, we visited a few specific points where you could enjoy the scenery of the mountain rivers. Beauty is in these places literally pours from every angle. Her so much that sometimes begins to erode the perception, perceiving another picturesque view of the routine.

As part of the tour, we stopped on the territory of the Caucasus Nature Reserve. Go to the museum. It also includes and dolmen - ancient megalithic constructions, of which there are many in the Caucasus meets.

More on the reserve power is an old 30-ies of XX century, with gourmet equipment from England. Dam power station at another remarkable object on which you can work out.

I have not seen anywhere else these mosses, which grow in the Caucasus. They literally span the trees, creating a surreal, unusual eye views.

While I admired nature, people enthusiastically took off. Individual tour so good that you can shoot as much as you want and no one will be customized. Especially when traveling supporters, that all understand each other.

At the end of the tour has become a tradition to arrange an evening barbecue and social gatherings. I think we'll have the next round in the winter, after the new year, so that everyone has the opportunity to prepare and settle all their affairs in advance. Well, those who can not, for whatever reasons, will not be able to go with us, expect a few more essays on the tour has already taken place.

Source: oskanov.livejournal.com


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