As I went to the Caucasus

It will be about 65 photos I finish - I will inform you. Do not break - my first, slightly sober post))), as he wrote about the Caucasus without a bottle of cognac!

So, since the best mountains can be only mountains where you have not been, I decided with my best friend to visit the Caucasus.
Location dislocation - Kislovodsk with him every day walking tour of the Kavakazskim mineral waters and the surrounding area. We lived in a decent apartment (no photo) cost the 1200 day 3 min. center.
So №1 photo Kislovodsk, foothills

The town is small, 80 thousand, the price of Moscow, to almost all of Moscow, there is cableway, the largest park in Europe. Architecture interesting bunch chanatoriev, the sunniest city in Russia, the temperature a couple of degrees lower than the CMS, affects the height - about 900 m.

Nosed about half, in principle, if not all is quiet buzz ... very strained prices in cafes. Typically, a cafe - a check on the 2 of cognac and 4 servings kebab - 3000, prices in France. The city is quite interesting, especially the park, all the gas, local girl simpatishnye not local enough - resort for lady's finger, etc. Separately, about the water - seltzer (drink of the gods) - a rare shit, in Kislovodsk, you can drink in the gallery for 2 p. glass, drinking impossible. In short - everything that we have bottled = soda, salt and water.
Picture taken August - just shed some tree

So he came to the central square, you can select a bunch of excursions in the surrounding area, usually a tourist bus or Lasik (if off-road). Prices with taxes, etc. in the region of 800 p., excursion, usually from 6 am to 07.09 pm.
Photos - Cherek canyon, cut the rocky ridge of the Caucasus

In general, the Caucasus has many mountain ranges, stretching from Sochi to Georgia - chalk, pasture, rocky, head, etc., they cut through the gorges, waterfalls-output of the underground river. Nearby there is a great cafe in a cave. In general, everything is there scant, there are 4 main dishes - shish kebab (in the mineral water), hychyny - type cheese pancake, Lagman, mountain trout, shurpa. They are sold in all tourist establishments. Service - a meager maintenance - 2-chku

In general, Caucasus is not the Alps, it is 100000000000000000 steeper, but due to the mentality of most of the outlaws he drowns in shit, excuse me ... Nature ... it can not take a picture ... it is necessary to see where I want to die.
More photos from Chegemskaya gorge

In general, the height of the pass ... More difficult traveling by bus with Alik, and when the 20 meter bus rear wheel POST 250 Metrov abyss - I just drank, otherwise very much like crap ...)))

My Best Friend in some gorge))

It is like a tunnel in the mountain and pa type of traffic police in the middle, and over their heads the grid - or stone in Bosko fall - will be completely dead)

Everywhere and gas pipes, the last head of the republic - well done.
In the photo trip to Upper Balkariya (Kabardino-Balkaria). Remember the movie "War", where Bodrov shot from the spirits?

The same tower ... to Georgia 5 km.Vokrug one cabbage - the only thing that it can be grown commercially. Drevnyshy village. And Joseph voobshe poheril them all (for which he had my bow), after resettlement of mountaineers in the 40's all the ancient villages have declined 99% - building for the tourists, the ruins in the mountains are not wanted

On the way we have seen a mountain lake, most karst depth of 400 m. (May be lying), in the lake a lot of dissolved methane - which is why it is blue ... photo does not convey voobsche1

Visibility - 15 meters, not less, is very cool, I - a resident of the Moscow region, accustomed to dull rechonkam was shocked. By the way - do not believe the movies - no crystal clear mountain rivers - are murky, with sand and mud! At least in August!
In the picture the overflow of the lake to the normal hydrogen sulfide - the visibility of 100%

And mega sunset. It was possible to go diving, but our tour this was not

The next tour was to Elbrus. Local beauty

Chegemskaya Gorge - beyond words, there is a real mountain air ...

Lift ... did not find how it works but it is valid - raises 100 meters on

Mountain Chegem - about 4000 m., Neighbor Elbruma - indescribable beauty. From recommending local souvenir tea - he's cool! This is not uellou label ...

I do not very timid person, but the rise in the Cheget awaits chasm 300 meters long and the same depth (one even cried Auntie)))), after the descent, I wanted to beat the tour guide ... (for him - there is low). There okuenno high lift for about 40 years ...

But since starting the mountain rivers, spiced with tourists Tipo shit me, scared that the scribe, even though it goes a lot of children, 5 years, etc. I would not let the life of a child, for safety- chain that dangles a meter away from you

Generally pofigizmu parents sing a song ... well, I can not with one hand to keep mobile and shoot the beauty, and the other to hold the baby on your lap on the 300-meter abyss ... it's better he thumps and prickly ...

little beauty. I was driving - and drinking horse meat - (about her own educational program)
On chegoet above the first cable car is not useful - was sober ...

I have to go down after 200 grams of cognac - otherwise I would have gone on foot))) But then was Elbrus !!! That is no joke, he takes with him 100 people each year ...

In 2011, if I'm not lying there blew up a large cable car - the van for 50 people, is now the first 2 levels - a French booth, everything's cool and reliable, but down on the rocks lying around their panoramic windows. Tolley again blew felts they fell))), but not afraid to go

After the second tier went pogadit and drink)) This is the view from the toilet - the height of -3800 m., The abyss beneath you, though it's not preredaetsya
How to say - went to pee, and zaoodno pokakal)

After the last lift (3800) went on snowmobiles - worth 1000 brother rose to 4,100 (11 shelter, easy to Google), you can and above, but in August -time cracks. Our instructor almost beat Dedkov, buyout was walking with her grandson on the 4000 m dotted with crevasses ... I have never seen people so that saved people's lives

Everything is dirty, but it's August ... in December there will dazzle both the welding

Me and my Best Friend. This year, the tourists took tolstozhopye 4100 -podnimemsya get rich on the saddle, and then on top of

Cracks in the glacier

The roof of Europe)

Local beer ...

Return back through the dead city. Gradobrazuyuschee enterprise - tungsten-molybdenum factory, who died along with the Soviet Union ... a sad sight ...

just admire nature! shit on Yap have enough!



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