Old things can cost a fortune (6 photos)

Everyone in the bins there are gadgets that have been preserved from the Soviet era.
So, do not throw them away, first find out how much it might cost junk.
You can actually get hold of.

Sewing machine "Singer»
Depending on the model estimated 20 thousand. Up to 1 million rubles.

The camera "Sharp»
Depending on the model, it is estimated from 3 to 30 thousand. Rubles.

Tube radio
Depending on the model, it is estimated from 5 th. To 40 th. Rubles.

5 rubles 1999, St. Petersburg Mint.
The cost comes to 400 thousand. Rubles.

The collection of the classics of Marxism - Leninism. Edition 1930-60 biennium. The price of 50 thousand. Rubles.

5 cents in 1933 - a rare coin. Approximate price - 12 000 rubles.

Source: slando-com.livejournal.com


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