Epigones Chkalov

June 4, 1965 Mr. Valentin Privalov military pilot on this aircraft overflew a central span of the bridge over the Ob River. The day was hot, the sun on mostulyudi, beach on the full holidaymakers, among whom were officers of the district headquarters, and suddenly the roar of aircraft and silver arrow rushes in front of everyone under the bridge, and then soaring up sharply, raising a huge wave of the Gypsies. The distance between the supports of the bridge 120 m, height of 30 m span. This plane was in a "window" at a speed of 700 km / h. At that speed, even a slight touch of the control stick changes the pitch of the aircraft by the meter. Airplane flying just meters above the water. The circumstances were complicated by the fact that at a distance of just 950 meters from the Municipal Bridge downstream railway bridge is the most important line ZapSib and it took part. The pilot was only 5 seconds to catch up soar without hitting the bridge. Privalov threatened the tribunal, but the then Minister of Defense Marshal R.Ya.Malinovsky pilot decided to leave in order. Privalov then served in Kubinka.

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