Arbat and his characters (15 photos)

Arbat for decades is a major cultural and historical sights of Moscow, which is in a hurry to explore the tourists who first arrived in the capital. But near the Arbat too, there is a set of interesting places and events that have become symbolic of this legendary street. During the celebration of 520 anniversary of the Arbat, Arbat we remember the main characters that have appeared over the past three decades.

1. Raisa Gorbachev foreign delegation on the Arbat, 1986: shortly before the walk instead of asphalt made cobblestone cover, middle of the street set the pots with flowers and a number of benches for rest and lights in retro style ... And Moscow wits immediately became issued Then the famous "Arbat ofonarel».

As for the residents of the Arbat, their composition to the 1980s, has become quite disparate: there lived an old Moscow intellectuals, in a relatively new "elite" houses inhabited family party officials and some of the rooms in communal apartments in old houses were rented "limitchik" - the so-called guests on income from other cities. 2. In those years, on the street you could buy absolutely any product, and of course, souvenirs - nesting dolls all kinds earflaps yes. Now all trade takes place exclusively in the stores, which greatly diminished Arbat flavor, to our great regret.

3. Creating Street bohemian atmosphere, numerous artists exhibited their paintings and painted portraits of passers-by. Over time, street portraitists have become a real symbol of the Arbat and steadfastly maintain their status to this day.

4. When in the USSR were first informal movement, the government did not give them much importance, but at the time widely different punks, rockers and other youth movements, who challenged the Soviet everyday life, a situation it was impossible to control, and the main part of the heart leading citizens aggressively "demand change". In search of self-expression groups of young people dropping out of the crumbling of the Soviet society, took to the streets of the city. Advantageously, the Arbat ... which quickly became the center of a new democratic culture. Right here in the open air concerts, performed street actors, poets recited poetry, and amateur singers and professional musicians lined up a few meters from each other.

5. It appeared here, to develop and demonstrate borrowed from Western trends and subcultures. In the photo a very young dolphin, the future member of the "Bachelor Party", newfangled dance breakdance.

6. 1989. Arbat Moscow has become one of the perestroika "Hyde Park". In those days, the developments in the capital and throughout the country, followed absolutely all citizens, present and future of society against the backdrop of the socio-economic crisis of care was the main topic of discussion.

7. In the era of a great cooperative first opened here in Moscow video room, in the building of the former cinema "ARS" on the Arbat, in the house N 51. With unpretentious title "Arbat". It was a small zalchik two dozen chairs, a huge TV "Electron" and VCR Soviet BM-12.

8. 1992. Going back to the cultural life of the street - on the Arbat came not only to realize their artistic talents. For some speech before an audience was the only way to earn a living extra penny.

9. Since the late 80s Arbat attracts creative people, and representatives of various religious communities and groups such as the Hare Krishnas. By the way, in the difficult times, many people are looking for support in various questionable activities and organizations. Hypnotists collected millions of viewers from the screen, and the latter-day sects have taken recently confided in them citizens.

10. Next character - Wall of the World - it came up American artist Caroline Marx in September 1990. All wishing painted on tiles anti-war themes, and then burned it all and posted on the whole wall on the Arbat. But in less than ten years, as a wall of graffiti has become overgrown, and in early 2013 it altogether removed by the decision of the city authorities.

11. After the tragic death of Viktor Tsoi in 1990 appeared on the Arbat Memory Wall rock star: one high over the wall gave the black: "Today, Viktor Tsoi was killed", and in response a little later added, "Choi alive." Despite the abundance of various interesting places in the center of Moscow, Wall still attracts the attention of people of all ages and many different views.

12. Informal sights coexist on the Arbat to the monument to Alexander Pushkin and Natalia Goncharova, Alexander Burganov created in 1999. The sculpture is located in front of the Memorial Apartment Pushkin and striking in its beauty and lyricism, representing a wonderful period in the life of the poet on the Arbat: here young couple spent their honeymoon after the wedding, they are walking in love and happy.

13. Another remarkable place, quite symbolic for the Arbat, given the orientation of his rock music history: it turns out, for as much as 10 years have passed since the opening of Hard Rock Cafe. The interior and surroundings in a row 116 restaurants known international network are consistent with the "free spirit" of the street where it is located.

14. "Oh, my Arbat, my calling you, you and my joy and my trouble," - sang Okudzhava. Animation in the poet's Arbat loves it, preserving the atmosphere of the cult places of the Moscow intelligentsia. It remains optimistic, since it will remain in the future.



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