Moscow Yesterday and Today

32 f.otsyuda
1. Kursk Station. It opened in 1896. Photo 1971

2. How was the Kursk station, and stayed. Photo 2011

3.Kostomarovsky alley. Photography 1977-1980 year

4.Nazvanie was given in the XIX century by the name of zemlevladelitsy, donated to the city of their land, for which had to go through the alley so, however, the condition that it will be called by her name. Photo 2011

5.Stantsiya station "Chkalov" near Kursk is so named because the street formerly known as Ground Shaft Chkalov Street. Do not become street Chkalov was turned, and the shop "Lyudmila┬╗.
Store "Lyudmila". Photo 1968

6. Photo 2011

7.Dom 38/40 on the street Chkalov. Photo 1950

8.Mashin was a thousand times more. Photo 2011

9.Kursky Station. Photography 1970-1975 year

10.Kursky - one of the two types of transit stations in Moscow (along with Belarusian, others - blind) Photo by 2011

11.Kursky Station. Photo 1905

12. In 1972 built a new station building while retaining the old inner pomescheniy.Foto 2011

13.Gazgolderny plant. Photography 1989-1990 year

14.Zavod interesting preserved old gasholders and factory buildings with ceilings engineer Shukhov. Photo 2011

15.Vinzavod. Then another produces a variety of alcohol Photo 1929

16. "Vinzavd" - Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow. Opened in 2007 [1]. Located in the former brewery (later - Wine Works) "Moscow Bavaria". Photo 2011

17.Hludovskaya almshouse. Photos 1990-1997 g

18.foto 2011

19.Moskovsky Viaduct Syromyatnikov. Photography 1980-1987 year

20.Syromyatnichesky passage previously called Khludovskoye alley. The structure of the complex there are charities related to the name of Gerasim Ivanovich Khludov (? -1885), An honorary citizen of Moscow. Photo 2011

21.Tunnel under the railway. Photo 1983

22.Eta area still retains the informal name Syromyatnikov. Photo 2011

23.Tunnel under the railway. Photo 1979

24.foto 2011

25.Zolotorozhskaya embankment. Photography 1990-1997 year

26.foto 2011

27.Fontan at Yauzskaya hydropower. Photo 1940

28.Syromyatnichesky (Yauza) hydro - hydraulic engineering construction in Moscow, on the river Yauza three kilometers from its mouth. Photo 2011

29.Yauzsky waterworks. Photo 1940

30.Edinstvenny built 4-navigable hydro Yauza, construction of which was envisaged by the plan of watering the city of Moscow, formed part of the General Plan in 1935. Photo 2011

31.Usadba Kokoreva - Danielsenov - Galitzine. Photography 1990-1997 year

32. In this house began printing the first in Moscow, open letters, postcards with views of Moscow. This was in 1894. / Photo 2011



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