Moscow Yesterday and Today in Photos

The author did a great job, he took the old photographs and tried to catch angles photographers of the past. Will or not - to judge you.
Photos from 1905 to 2011 ... Kursk station, the old streets, factories, Yauza hydroelectric and other attractions will hang out a pack of mad kaleidoscope of time.
It will be a journey through time. Get ready ...

1. Kursk Station. It opened in 1896. Photo 1971:

How was the Kursk station, and stayed. Photo 2011:

2. Kostomarovskaya alley. Photography 1977-1980 year:

The name was given in the XIX century by the name of zemlevladelitsy, donated to the city of their land, for which had to go through the alley so, however, the condition that it will be called by her name. Photo 2011:

3. subway station "Chkalov" near Kursk is so named because the street formerly known as Ground Shaft Chkalov Street. Do not become street Chkalov was turned, and store "Ludmila". Store "Lyudmila". Photo 1968:


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