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Do you remember how wonderful and beautiful tale filmed in the Soviet Union? Oh, there were times. And what beauty there playing? No tale to tell, nor pen describe. Many of these stories have been removed long before we were born, but they are a long time, we will remember with a smile and always show our children. I offer you a little distracted from work and look at how there was life of the actress who played the fabulous beauties in the Soviet tales. Natalia Gray (born in 1948)

Natalia Gray became famous throughout the Soviet Union in early childhood. At 4, she began skating and began to perform successfully. Then the girl was fascinated by a ballet. It is in the role of the ballet "The Dying Swan" and noticed her Alexander Rowe. Veteran director of Russian fairy tales, inviting her to star in the title role of his new film "Frost". Natalia agreed.

However, this film role and remained the only one. After high school, she decided to link their fate with the ballet. In the studio of the USSR, it sends a letter with a request to remove her profile from file cabinets and not to offer roles.

In ballet Natalia has made great strides. She danced with Maya Plesetsk and Maris Liepa.

Her husband became a talented ballerina composer Victor Lebedev. However, the couple lived in different cities and in 10 years a divorce. Their common son brought Victor.


Lyudmila Glazov (1907-1981)

Few people have to remember this actress who shone in the 30-40-ies of the last century. Meanwhile, she played in the first film adaptation of Ludmila Pushkin's poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" in 1938.

The actress starred little as extraordinary beauty did not fit in demand then the Soviet Komsomol typecasting. The role of its most were sporadic.

Tragically formed and personal life. Only son drowned in the age of 12. Husband - known Leningrad director died quite early.

At the end of the life of the woman was completely alone. She died from gas poisoning. Whether specifically closed valve, or made an unfortunate mistake - it had remained a mystery.


V. Sorogozhskaya (1912-1988)

Another embodiment of the true Russian beauty Vasilisa the Beautiful from the same film Alexander Rowe in 1939.
About this actress is known that in the movie she starred twice.

Was married twice, first husband of Valentina had three children - a daughter and two sons. However, raised children's stepfather - actor Yevgeny Teterin, with whom the actress and lived most of her children zhizni.Segodnya V. Sorogozhskaya successful people live in Europe.
She herself was buried in the cemetery in Moscow Domodedovo.


Galina Grigorieva (1917-1969)

Galina G. dedicated her life to the theater. However, its role made famous in the movie. She played Masha in "Dubrovsky" (1936) and Mary-Morevna in one of the most beloved stories of Alexander Rowe "Kaschey Immortal" (1944).


Eugene Filonov (1946-1988)

Eugene Filonov became famous for his role as the Snow Maiden. But this role was for her only. At the end of the Pike and the first triumph of directors for some reason did not give her leading roles in the end remained Filonov Actress. The actress had an affair with the actor, Vadim, but she married another man. In 1988, Eugene Filonov at the age of 41 died of cancer.


Xenia Ryabinkina (born in 1945)

Xenia debut role was the fairy princess with a swan by Alexander Ptushko "The Tale of Tsar Saltan". Their future career she devoted choreography in the theater.

But her son Eugene Stychkin known for his numerous roles in the movie.


Svetlana Orlova (born April 8, 1956)

Svetlana Orlova remember most viewers for her roles in film-tale "Finist - Bright Falcon," "The Princess and the Pea," "Ice granddaughter", as well as the roles of historical characters and a fatal beauty. The very life of the actress also a bit like a fairy tale or a movie script.


Alla Larionov (1931 - 2000)

In 1952 she played a role in Lyubava kinoskazki Alexander Ptushko "Sadko". Seeing her on the screen, Charlie Chaplin himself invited her to his movies. Under pressure from the party the actress refused a great comedian. In 1957 Alla married actor Nikolai Rybnikov, with whom he lived for 33 years. In the 1970s, its popularity has come to naught, and in 2000 the actress died in her sleep from a massive heart attack, she was 69 years old.


Source: www.fcw.su


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