10 things to do in Moscow in the autumn.

1. Have some fun on the City Day

September 7 in Moscow will host a big way! At this time the festivities in Red Square and Poklonnaya Hill is not limited to: coming wave of colorful processions, Open-Air concerts and festivals. Choose: overeat on gastronomic festival "Delicious City", to enjoy the works of photographers, artists, dancers, designers and directors to "Boulevard of the Arts", listen to the best street musicians in Gorky Park or jazz - in Sokolniki, join the carnival procession, enjoy the fireworks or just walk around the festive streets of Moscow. Will not be bored!

2. drove for mushrooms

Escape from the bustle of the metropolis, in fact, simply, suburban trains carry passengers rather quickly gave in quiet suburbs. Mushroom season - an excellent opportunity to wander through the autumn woods and get some fresh air. Good mushroom seats start at about 30-40 km from Moscow, and the best direction for mushroom pickers considered Paveletskoye and Kazan.

3. Find seasonal products

Autumn - season of gluttony! Of course, now that supermarket shelves are full of food all year round, we are not so easy to understand our ancestors, enjoy the harvest. Yet many delicacies and you can still fully enjoy the autumn. Fresh vegetables, plums, apples "Antonovka" ... If the budget allows, you can buy these farm products, such as farmer-market at the mall Tsvetnoy Central Market or in a shop cooperative LavkaLavka at the plant "Arma". But the nearest market or supermarket, you will surely find something to please yourself!

4. Drink a beer at Oktoberfest

Back in Munich traditional beer festival will be held from 19 September to 4 October. And since not all Muscovites can afford to be in these dates in Germany, Moscow bars and restaurants will host its Oktoberfest. Full list of places where the festival will be held with all the style in the best of Bavarian traditions expect from "interesting Moscow" closer to the date.

5. walk in the park

Well, this is a classic of the genre, without it anywhere! Rustling leaves underfoot, withered, but still soft, grass, pleasantly cool and aesthetics goodbyes ... especially good in the autumn coloration noble estates: Kolomenskoye, Tsaritsyno, lumpy. However, no less gorgeous this time of year and wilderness Izmailovskii or Bittsevsky parks and emptying Pushkin embankment in Gorky Park, and colorful paint Botanical Garden. And about The views from the observation deck Sparrow Hills without poetic delight and difficult to speak! By the way, you know that there is now equipped with free binoculars for a detailed review?

6. Ride a bike

This summer, Moscow, finally, began to move away from the image of "antivelosipednogo city." Along the highways of Moscow began stretching bike paths for cyclists in the city held a series of festivals, parades and quests, and bike rental items were extremely successful project. Autumn - not a reason to remove the iron horse on the mezzanine! BICYCLE Moscow will be open until the onset of winter cold, so head to wind circles along the paths autumn park and breathe the air, particularly clean at this time of year.

7. Try your hand at rope park

Autumn, when there is no sweltering heat - the perfect time for outdoor activities. In the summer you do not have time to experience the newfangled entertainment such as a ropes course, in September and October should join him until the season is not closed. You will have to overcome route of rope maze, narrow bridges, ladders, tarzanok, and all that - among the autumn trees. Choose your favorite park (Sokolniki, Fili and Tsarina, Izmailovo, Gorky) and go for adventure!

8. Collect a bunch of leaves

This item is in harmony with paragraph 5. You do not think it's corny, right? The most diverse flora in the autumn Vorovevyh mountains and the Botanical Garden: the local maple alley is very conducive to the creation of colorful bouquets, wreaths and herbaria.

9. marvel at the wonders of modern lighting festival "Circle of Light»

In 2013, the festival "Circle of Light" will be held in Moscow for the third time - 4 to 8 October. It will take place at the stadium "Luzhniki" in the park "Tsarina" at the Bolshoi Theater, at the Arena and the territory of the "Red October". During the festival the building of Moscow will be the backdrop for the amazing light installations and laser show. This action world-wide to visit a must!

10. Go through the exhibitions

In the summer, on a clear day in the museum walls rarely pulls. But autumn - it's time to bask in the warmth of the galleries! For art lovers are required to attend the Moscow photographic salon (where from 12 to 22 September will show the work of the best photographers in history), the exhibition of the famous American conceptual artist John Baldessari at the "Garage", and the magnificent exhibition of masterpieces by Titian and the Pre-Raphaelites in the Pushkin Museum.


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