27 interesting facts about the animals

1. octopus rectangular pupil.

2. giraffes very big heart and very high blood pressure of all land animals.

3. The temperature of the blood in the Antarctic fish can reach 1, 7 degrees Celsius.

4. The weight of the brain of an elephant is about 0, 27% of the weight of his body.

5. From one of ostrich eggs can make eleven and a half omelets.

6. The only domestic animal not mentioned in the Bible - a cat.

7. The adult whale 2 seconds inhales 2400 liters of air.

8. In the world there are 321 kind of hummingbirds (eg mecheklyuvaya, red, rubinogolovaya, Sappho, angel, long-tailed, topaz, raketohvostaya, gigantic (the size of a sparrow :).

9. Zebra - white with black stripes, and not vice versa.

10. The body of the caterpillar more muscle than in the human body.

11. By attacking their prey, sharks turn a blind eye to flailing their extraction avoid injury.

12. From bee stings each year die 3 times more people than from the bites of rattlesnakes.

13. Movement speed snail - about 1, 5 mm / sec.

14 species of sea stars, called Lunckia columbiae can fully reproduce the body of the particle length of 1 centimeter.

15. Weight ostrich egg can be up to 1, 5 kg.

16. Snakes can sleep for 3 years in a row, taking nothing for food.

17. The flea can jump to 33 cm in one jump. If people had the same jumping ability, a person could make jumps on 213 meters!

18. The animal with the largest brain in relation to body - mypavey.

19. Elephant - the only animal with 4 knees.

20. Hesmotpya on gopb, spine y vepblyuda p.pyamo.

21. Kpot can for odny night ppopyt tynnel long 76 the subway.

22. In ylitki about 25,000 zybov.

23. Polyapnye bears mogyt skopostyu run at 40 km / h.

24. Kpokodily swallow stones to glybzhe nypnyt.

25. kpovi kyznechika white lobstepa - golybogo.

26. To make kilogpamm honey bee should fly 2 million. Flowers.

27. There is no moth zhelydka.

99% live syschestv that lived on Earth vymepli.


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