Eskimos. Life and History

In the north, in an incredibly harsh weather live on a small number of ethnic group of people - the Inuit. Everyone knows that they are walking in warm coats, hunting using harpoons ... And this is usually the knowledge and end. After reading the article, you will learn many interesting and even amusing facts about this wonderful nation.

1. In the manufacture of warm clothing Eskimos simply has no equal. The coats made them, not even the terrible pyatidesyatigradusny frost. Historically, the majority of men foraged hunting, so besides warm clothing, and they needed a reliable protection against canine animals. Thus was born the armor of bony plates connected by a strip of skin. Most often used for this purpose walrus tusks. It is noteworthy that the armor of the Eskimos and Japanese soldiers look very similar.

2. The word "Eskimo" means "rawfoodist" or "one who eats raw fish" and the local population perceived as disparaging treatment is clearly negative connotation. Therefore, a more correct and tactful to call this nation "Inuit».

3. Kissing on pyatidesyatigradusnom cold not the most pleasant thing - and you can primёrznut to one another. Therefore, the Inuit never kiss, just rub noses, sniffing the skin and hair of each other. This gesture refers to the intimate and practiced only among close friends. Its correct name is "Kunik».

4. Among the Inuit are no vegetarians, as the weather is clearly not conducive to the cultivation of fruits and vegetables here. The diet of the local people are different kinds of meat, ranging from poultry and ending with bear meat, seaweed and some berries. This diet was supposed to bring to serious health problems, but no. Health of the local population can only envy.

5. Traditionally, the needle (dwellings by ice and snow) have a dome shape, but in fact they come in many different shapes and sizes. Because the "needle" translated from the language of the local population is translated simply as "home».

6. All peoples have their own "horror story" for children, and the Eskimos were no exception. His children they scare Kallupillukom. According to local legend it is a monster that lives under the ice and drags in the depths of the sea of ​​people in the water failed.

7. Among the Eskimos have blondes. Initially, scientists thought that their ancestors were the ancient Vikings sailed here once upon a time. But DNA testing in 2003 is completely debunked that theory. As it turned out, when incest between close relatives often are born blond kids.

8. Ask any European to choose a synonym to the word "snow" and he will answer you the maximum ten words. While the Eskimos for this type of rainfall is about 400-word descriptions. For example, "akuilokok" - is tihopadayuschy snow, and "piegnartok" - snowy weather, which is ideal for hunting, etc.

9. In the age of firearms northern peoples and continue to enjoy hunting tools created from stone and animal bones.

10. The majority of Inuit live in poverty. It's amazing how in such circumstances the people have managed to preserve their primitive culture and way of life.

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