The study of the Eskimos of the past century.

Do not take too seriously)) In my class Creo. Rydal)
 - Argued that the Eskimos backward people. Dumber they only Chukchi. About the Chukchi do not know, but about eskimosov- sorry, let me disagree ... Evidence? I have them! Do not have an abstract reasoning there, speculation and conjecture. No. Real photographs dated 1913. So there you go.
Eskimos in 1913 was his own, highly developed society. All that is now in our society Eskimos it was then. While the Russian peasant plowing the land, drinking moonshine and planed children Eskimos stepped far forward in the development of all public institutions.

Graduate school, finished it with a gold medal. They really gave the gold medal instead of seal tusk, but it's the details ...

Eskimo Roma. As in all nations and in their eskimossov were Roma. Pay attention to the panic in his eyes. It achieved over the years of hard training. Gypsies were a kind antiprimerom for inhabitants. For this they pay is not bad.

Eskimo mother with a child. Zamette, kenguryatnik for wearing comfort of the child came up and introduced Eskimo scientists long before its European counterpart. From the Eskimos went Backscratcher expression. Eskimo mothers often forget that in kenguryatnik child. When a child is hungry, he did not cry, and began to chew on the back of the mother. Silently.

Eskimo kindergarten. Highly cultured and positive in all respects institution. And again, long before Europe. Do not forget that the photos from 1913.

Pride Eskimo Ministry of Education and the laboratory of human cloning and genetic engineering. Mary Poppins Eskimo. Eskimo biznessmen and philanthropist brought from Europe by Mary hair caught in his foreskin. Quite by accident, it should be noted. And this fragment, scientists have grown clone. That's ...

Favorite pets wealthy Eskimos Eskimos-dwarf. Pleasing to the eye in just 1000-1500 squirrel skins. Was solid currency. Were cheerful and unpretentious in food. Easy to train. Gadili in strictly designated areas.

Gold Inuit youth. Residents Eskimo Ruble. Proud posture, confident look and clothes from Versace-card these people. A flirty protruding tongue reflects the political credo youth Eskimo society.

Girl cher-leader prepares its prichendaly the evening semifinal match on Eskimo football. It is up to the Huskies Americans adopted this okolosportivnyh for youth.

Sredestatisticheskie Eskimos. It is well-fed individuals. Wet Noses dokazvayut undeniable that their health is normal.

Brigade. Eskimo Sasha White and Cosmos. Often happens in the United States. Established business and have become practically the fathers of the American Mafia. The Italians were later ...

Deputies Eskimo supreme Council. Pundits, bright minds. Far ahead of his time. Handsome, agree. All behind Harvard ... What else to say ...

Pride eskimossov hand-Chamberlain. At weddings and korporativki showed it for a fee. Was a huge, resounding success. Show business and the entertainment industry has been very well developed in Eskimossov.

Eskimo DJ in a club in front of Seth checks your drive. The photo was taken in Ibiza Club PACHA.

Eskimo servant of the law. In the uniform of sealskin. Enjoyed unquestioned authority. Be only one.

And here is the Eskimo club. According to the Eskimo-disco. Daily-ezhenochnye party and rave izoretenie Eskimo entertainment industry. During the polar night was held the longest in the history of mankind disco! It's all clear, just enjoy the spectacle ...

Eskimo dude. Striped pants as a challenge Eskimo society, its principles and canons. Was zazhitochen and lazy.

Team Captain Eskimo RUDN the game in KVN. Maslyakov brazenly stole the idea and concept. KVN students came up with the Eskimo schools.

Photos of kaledarya PIRELLI 1913.

Zskimosskaya criminal group (EPG). Figures 2 and 3 are labeled ordered killer fighters. Historical document.

After arrows Chukotka criminal group PGE suffered losses. On the tombstone nadpis- * From Kolyano Vovan! *

Eskimo scientists at a symposium on global warming.

Eskimo Model. Photos from the archives of the Paris Academy of Fashion. The first and, alas, the last with whom was signed multimillion-dollar contract. But reluctance to wash and comb hair nullified all the agreements reached. Paris was in mourning ...

Eskimo prostitutes along the route.

Fashion show. Defile. No comments ...

Nakuru Eskimo child. Eskimossy first legalized soft drugs.

Eskimo athlete snowboarder. Eskimo team at that time was the strongest in the world. In other countries, this sport nacharl develop only in the 70s of the last century.

Eskimo Halloween. Also all everything is clear, I think.

Sundeck summer cafe. Catering Eskimos was developed strongly enough. Serve hot fish oil, cocktail whipped walrus penis with pine nuts and pounded on whalebone franuzskih buns with herb butter sauce and Balsamico * *. Mmmm, yummy!

Eskimos have reached a stage of development that gave birth to in the conventional sense. They considered the birth pangs inhuman. And then at the request of the workers, the State Duma (See above.) Decided Eskimo females lay eggs. The photo laying females Eskimo.

Eskimo kingpin. From simple Eskimo it has an extremely narrow eyes. Has the ultimate authority in disputes. Smoked a lot and chifir. From this he opened other worlds and visions of the future. So he predicted the emergence of MMM, Zidane head-butting Materazzi, and the second place at Eurovision Dima Bilan.

Eskimo goof who always dresses. Give him money every month under report. PGE constantly run into him.

Billboard on the street Eskimo.

Eskimo supermarket. Only natural products.

As you can see everything they have already been as we have just now. And you say, the Eskimos!

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