On the purposes and meaning without pathos and stars

Recently it happened not very fun event. He died one of the relatives. Strong, healthy man in his early fifties, who had never complained about his health. And then literally "burned out" a little over three months. In September, in broad daylight, he lost consciousness, and since then - survey, a consultation resuscitation. First, in the Crimea, and when they could not understand it, we came to Kiev. The diagnosis did not predict. The man was gone.
And, you know, I did not turn the language to blame doctors. The man went away, because he knocked the ground from under his feet, deprived of life meaning and purpose.
He worked for more than ten years at the hotel business in the Pike perch. It was the manager of the hotel and all related infrastructure. I lifted the entire project from scratch. Sorry for the cliche, he lived it. In late summer, there was an incident in which hoteliers parted with him. Separated are not on good terms, as often happens, in a raised voice, accusations and claims. Surrounding saw that it was for him a very strong shock. But to what extent, it became clear only later.
When the man was removed from the life of purpose and meaning, he begins to "crumble" and "burn" in a very short time. If not stop myself and ask myself new goals. I know firsthand. When in my life there was very difficult and painful break with the man who meant a lot to me, I also began to "crumble". Some sense has disappeared, with the goals, too, was full blockage. I would fall to the ass, if not stopped and not yet decided on a new motion vector, whether that.
You can certainly argue that it is hardly possible to name another person either to sense, but it's sort of a question. Suffice controversial. There is important to have the meaning and purpose as such. For a given individual. If this is important to him - that is the purpose and meaning. No matter how small and insignificant they may seem to others. For the purpose of the alcoholic - alcohol, and it keeps it as long as he does not run out of your normal life. The absence of the target itself kills more quickly.
Someone leaves. Someone had to get out and move on. I scrambled. But I could not help in this case. But if suddenly someone needs help, it may be just a word or advice, writing in the comments. What can, as they say.


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