Heroes without pathos and stars

In life, sometimes there are situations when someone nearby is bad. Terminally ill. Man falls on rails. Simply falls. The car gets stuck at a railway crossing. Someone decided to end her life and wants to throw himself under the same train, jump from the roof or even in some way to commit an act of suicide. But sometimes - yes, again sometimes, suddenly appears next to a person who violates this turn of events. Literally pulls man from under the wheels of an approaching. Pushes the car, again literally from under the locomotive. Or even in any way interfere with the seemingly predetermined course of events. At the risk of his own life. Without demanding anything in return. Just because it was in this moment and in this place. And time to react. Maybe it's a guardian angel. Maybe heroes. Well, here are the usual characters. Without pathos and stars. And they are not so little. After all, at this video - a small fraction of the total number of cases. This is not staged stunts with a pre-set cameras. It is a life in which the cameras do not advance to arrange the fixation of good deeds.


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