Feminine look. How old is he devoted to paintings, poetry. Photos. I recently was marked here on this topic. And how many more will be devoted! Because it is such a. Mysterious and gentle. Embarrassed and enthusiastic. In general, different, unique and involving. Entailing, as already noted, representatives of different trends in art. After all, the same artists and photographers - are not stupid after all, huh? After all, the vast number of works is about feminine look. And not just because the authors are in the vast, again, most of the representatives of the strong half of mankind. At present, up to a limit of commercialized segment of human development, presence in the financial component, the male gaze and operated not less. And use it. But in a much smaller scale. And it is dosed by the number of emotions. Joy. Anger. Aggression. Male.
And where are all the semitones, shades and nuances? Here and it turns out that these same shades ladies pass (in most cases) is much more authentic. It's very simple. It is necessary for us, pachyderms, somehow influence. And what we love? Here. So look and understand what you want to say this view. And do not understand - hard to have. Somewhere excuses necessary. Somewhere wonder that obviously do not understand. And who will go on courses to clarify for myself this question.
Well, looks to catch and gave Roman Nikonets


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