Galloping horse. And not just the horse

"There are women in Russian villages" - said a poet. Will not object. Yet, yes, there is. And in abundance.
But not about it. Like many poets, esteemed Nikolai Nekrasov symbolism. In his poems, this fact certainly reflected. Take, for example, the same verse. "Stop a galloping horse." Do you believe that it's all in the literal sense it was said? Yeah, right now. He's a poet, not a drayman to admire such manifestations of womanhood! And he had in mind, of course, the magnetic force of the female gaze, though truly Mighty stop what and whom you like, and though derail. In support of this thesis, let me give you a small selection of photos with their comments. Kind of visual aid. Defend pointless anyway, but still interesting. So.
That's fair maiden little thought at the window waiting for either a horse, or rider.

And here is the rider marked.

What do we do with him?

Yes, that and all. Most importantly, you need to look at a desired angle. That's all.

And - here it is - this view

And now - the control head

And now you can just play around with stopped.

Well, something like this happens. And we all pyzhimsya, consider ourselves the most important in this world. And we are so thinly play up "Yes, yes. This world is male. You are big and strong "Relaxed such indirect manipulation.
Mr Nekrasov was right. Oh, right.
Photos, as usual, was kindly provided by our Sharp Eye Novel Nikonets.


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