Such a woman says, "She's in a burning hut and stop a galloping horse"

Such a woman says, "She's in a burning hut and stop a running horse." It is no secret that the strongest women in the world are many, and some Hollywood actress happened to play in such a movie. Most often in such a role can be seen Angelina Jolie.

Lady Lara Croft - beautiful, smart, brave. Can only envy!

Experienced mentor in the gang of killers in the movie "Wanted»

An employee of the CIA in the movie "Salt»

Even with her beloved husband she plays killer ("Mr. and Mrs. Smith»)

From the diversity of such films most of all I like the TV series "Alias," starring Jennifer Garner in the lead role. What is it strong, agile, intelligent and very modest ...!

Very beautiful ... assassin. Straight Greek goddess! ("Elektra»)

Less mysticism, more blood ... Extract, composure, courage and patriotism ("Kingdom»)

Well this is what we must have the patience to shoot in all parts of the "Resident Evil" with all the vile creatures? Fearless Jovovich

Unbreakable wrestler in "Ultraviolet»

Seductive curves, agility and grace of a cat in Halle Berry in "Catwoman»

"The Iron Lady" Anna just magically beautiful by Kate Beckinsale ("Van Helsing»)

Fighter werewolves in "another world". The image of a vampire face for quite Kate!

Bounty hunter Keira Knightley in "Domino". I think she really is such an image

I love Charlize Theron. Here and in her piggy bank has a film about a fearless Aeon Flux

Girls saving the world, fighting for the rights of the weak. Respect. But would like to see in real life, we guarded our men :)


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