Not so smooth on the highway Kyiv-Lviv

Ministry of Emergency Situations cheerfully reports about their progress to eliminate congestion on the highway Kyiv-Lviv. Will not object. It would be strange if it has not made any gestures and the situation was exactly the same as was.
However, this is not the whole truth. And in this respect, too, the usual thing - always easier to report what has been done down on the number of people and machines are still in urgent need of assistance.
And they are still a large number. And according to eyewitnesses, still staying in the snowdrift, work on clearing carried out in a strange format. That is, for example, in one of the places at Brody, on the road enough to clear the five-meter snow tube, a convoy of vehicles that could follow the direction of Kiev. However, it does not do, and people are forced to remain among the pure field in their cars, making periodic forays for fuel, so that it can maintain a decent temperature in the car. Someone left their cars and basking in the nearby villages, but not everyone has the opportunity. For example, can not leave the bus, which went on tour, a group of artists. As expensive tools will not withstand frost.
In general, the official media as always, about the successes - in a loud voice, and the horrors - "we do not have such data." It is understandable, why such positioning. Inconvenient. Shakes. And people are freezing.
Meanwhile, life, of course, continues. There, right in the traffic jam at Brody, was born twins. With her mother and the children until the full order


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