Mining and overburden complex

I suggest you to admire its majesty and grandeur of KU-800. This rotary machine of - only a part of a large and complex system of mining and overburden complex. In addition to the KU-800, it includes conveyor lines, reloading components and spreader. Task excavator - remove loose deposits of rock deposits.

Each of the nodes GVK deserves attention, but still wheel excavator - its main attraction. The height of the excavator 54 meters, weight - 3000 350 tonnes. This compares with a weight of 100 subway cars. From this amount of metal it can be done 70 T-90 tanks.

Excavator rests on the turntable and moves with "Ski", which are driven by hydraulic cylinders.

To operate the excavator necessary voltage of 35 thousand volts.

Mechanic Ivan Tolmachev of the people who participated in the start-KU-800. More than 40 years ago, in 1972, immediately after Gubkin mountain college, Ivan Dmitrievich took assistant engineer bucket wheel excavator. That's really when I had to run on a young specialist stair galleries! The fact that the electric part of the excavator proved far from perfect, so more than one hundred steps had to be overcome until you find the cause of failure of a node. Plus, the documents translated from Czech incomplete. To get to the circuit over the papers had to sit out at night, because in the morning it was necessary to find a way to eliminate a particular fault.


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