Meet - is a huge walking dragline. The official name of this monster is: Mining and overburden complex "Stoilensky-2" or more simply, in Czech, - KU-800. It works this miracle of technology in the depths of the quarry Stoilensky and season of their work sends dumps more than three million cubic meters of overburden.

1. Panorama career Stoilensky - one of the leading Russian producer of iron-ore raw materials.
Today's career reaches a depth of 335 meters (height greater than the Moscow-City).

2. KU-800 can be clearly seen from almost any point of the quarry.

3. Photographing excavator close, I was faced with the problem of crop - the subject did not want to get into the frame.

4. The total weight of KU-800 - 3, 5 thousand tons. This compares with a weight of 100 subway cars.

5. bucket wheel diameter - 11 meters, boom - 41 meters.

6. With one of the mechanics section of the mining and overburden complex, I went on a tour of the excavator.

7. To say that the size of the machine is impressive - to say nothing.

8. The excavator works in a quarry plant for almost forty years. The first part of the complex began to arrive at the assembly site Stojlenskogo mine in 1971.

9. The assembly lasted about three years, and commissioning work was carried out a few months.

10. Plans and documents were translated from Czech and often incomplete. To get to the unusual name of a folder of papers had to sit at night.
Ivan Tolmachev, mechanic plot mining and overburden complex: "Yes, it was a difficult start-up period. Not until the end of waste electrical circuit. I had to change them, on a new mount, there were many failures in the electric circuits, and then they were simplified, everything returned to normal and failure become much less. »

Indeed, the endless river of wires run through the length and breadth excavator.

11. In some places had to squeeze through sideways. And I just came in new jeans and a dark T-shirt nerd.

12. The operator's cab. Through reflection seen rotary wheel.

13. Now these excavators on the territory of the former Soviet Union only two. One of his career Stoilensky, the other - in one of the quarries in Ukraine.



16. Travel stair galleries. In the early years of the excavator, engineers often had to overcome more than one hundred steps to find the cause of the failure of a node. Wiring excavator proved to be far from perfect.



19. crawled on the last step, I complained of shortness of breath some fatigue from the rapid ascent.
- It is normal to think you had just climbed the stairs to the 17-storey building. The height of the excavator - 51 metr.20. On KU-800 has several cranes 35 ton on the boom, two mounting truck 15 tons and two Jib crane.

20. At the KU-800 has several cranes 35 ton on the boom, two mounting truck 15 tons and two Jib crane.



23. An incredible spectacle - hanging in the air multi-ton structure. In the engine room are located at the height of power units and facilities personnel, there is even a repair compartment with a lathe.


25. When traveling through the maze of the excavator, a feeling that you're in a submarine.

25. When traveling through the maze of the excavator, a feeling that you're in a submarine.







32. At night, KU-800 looks like a space station Protoss.




36. Mining and overburden complex Stoilensky - it's not the only one rotary excavator, it is also kilometers of conveyor lines, several peregruzhnyh points and spreader.
With the spreader shovel conveyor belt connects up to 8 km, which stretches along the perimeter of the quarry. As the conveyor belt from the excavator to overburden moving more than 20 minutes.


38. Lucky to drive at the time of shift change when the excavator was without work.

39. Four workers went to look at another group of photographers.

41. According to one of the mechanics, if you take in human terms, the excavator in the prime of life. A recent survey of steel structures Czech experts confirmed that before retirement is still far from the giants.

42. A working rotary wheel and person for scale.


44. Conveyor line that goes to dumps.

45. "tired of working in the office at the computer? Come to us! »

46. ​​And at the end of the story picture (sorry, not mine) from blasting in the quarry. In the corner of the frame is KU-800.

Many thanks to the press service of Stoilensky (separately Nicholas Zasolotskomu) for organizing the shooting!
Source: chistoprudov.livejournal.com


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