Abandoned station link "North"

Tropospheric radio relay link "North" - the former Soviet system of communication lines, created for communication remote regions of the country. This place is situated in Magadan, and according to official data, more than 10 years abandoned. But life there.

The line had a length of 13,200 kilometers and consisted of 46 tropospheric radio relay stations (TRRS), located mostly along the coast of the Arctic and Pacific Oceans and the largest Siberian rivers Ob, Yenisei and Lena. The system consisted of seven lines, was 2 assembly, in which were subordinate to the centers and stations.

At the beginning of operation of the system was an attempt to organize a civil service lines communicators. But because of the very heavy social and living conditions in the places of deployment of stations and, as a consequence, the impossibility of a set of civilian experts for most of the stations, the government was forced to involve the military. 1 / 104A (1/104) "Dragon": At this station lines meet Magadan - Yakutsk and Magadan - Anadyr. Located in the city of Magadan, served by the military part of the military unit № 74237. number 74180


Garages former fleet.

One pair of mirrors looking at n. Tahtoyamsk and others on the Okhotsk

The dimensions of the antenna mirror 30x30 meters and 40H35. In each area has 2 antennas.

The foundation is destroyed. Perhaps soon hear the roar of the strong).

Great view of the bay Nagaeva.

With a height of 400m.

Here you can see how much they are huge! The approximate width of the red-and-white stripes of 6 m.

Such buildings I saw in the Arctic stations. Perhaps a model project.

In the past, the alarm display.

As it turns out, there is life. Andrew duty of the Dragon. Watch -month. Kindly invited inside to acquaint with the life. It happens that bears drop in, in spring and mainly of hunger.

Life is more than modest. Shower looks like. About the rest ...
ask perehotelos

He says that the biggest fears that these mattresses dvuhsottonnye not collapsed at his home. The foundation is destroyed, fixtures rusty ...

Andrew satisfied with his life of a hermit. He has worked for many years on the points. He does not get used.

Now, a prime location for all land belongs to the Radio "Marine Communications»

Station "Dragon" does not work for almost 10 years. Long-distance communication channels have long operate satellites. Tormented by the question: Who and when to dispose of these huge antenna?


The staff w / h number 1970 74237.

Source: drs-radchenko.livejournal.com


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