In the office of the well-known IT-company

Today, the author made a photo report on the office of a famous company. Her name, we say to you is not going to, but we think by the middle of this post you yourself all at once becomes clear.

Can I just will not mention the name of the famous companies? While reading the post, you will have time to guess.

The first thing that distinguishes the West from our office centers - then think not only about comfort inside, but also the space around

The company has built three buildings. Two uses for himself, and one rents BMW, TELE2 and some bank. Plitochki, Bicycle parking place ... Smoking made on the back of the building, away from the entrance.

Green park, lawns ... Pay attention to the really panoramic windows. It not only looks beautiful, but also very correct. The area of ​​the windows of a building - more than 10 thousand sq. M. m. Thanks to them, a huge amount of light falls on jobs. This means that the minimum use of artificial light.

Free underground parking spaces - a working day in full swing!

Evacuation door of the office center are only output. They are always open. But enter through them without destroying the building - can not

Gaming zones are necessary for effective work. Here developers can distract from the Interior and to restart the brain.

Moreover, such a respite in the format of the game with colleagues promote team unity

Data center. Its feature is not lighted floor design, and in the free cooling. In winter, when the outside temperature is negative, is used for cooling "outboard" air. Electricity on the air conditioner and a resource of HVAC equipment is not being spent.

Four Claudia and four computers with two monitors are needed to test the company's products

Also simulators, the office has space for yoga classes in a variety of interests and a sauna

Bodybuilders will appreciate the professional slope of pieces

Free Chinese lessons.

Absolutely discourages job types! Perhaps that is why, of all the bosses sit with his back to the windows.

How nice is! Wonderful city, the weather, the area!

In the lobby by the elevators show YandeksProbki?

And the big boss a familiar ...


Today, the office is the official house warming.

Confess on which the pictures you realize that it is Moscow?

Evgeny Kaspersky, a millionaire using the old mobile phone ...

bought a ticket for a suborbital ship Virgin Galactic, but it is only a game ...

Traditionally show prices in cafes. 280 rubles per day compensated by the company for food. As employees pay for mobile communications and various insurances, including active sports.

Finally, the most important picture. I still found in the Kaspersky Lab's the room where the virus does!



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