250 gr. water,
250 grams of milk,
25 c. compressed yeast,
1 tbsp. l. sugar,
0, 5 tsp salt,
100 gr. podsoln. butter or margarine,
flour, how many will go down. Knead the dough is not very steep. (As long as the hands starts to come off).
50% of Adygea cheese
50% of the potatoes boiled in their skins.

Everything is mixed and passed through a meat grinder

Lepim ball of dough and about the same ball of filling.
Of dough hands do the cake and put the ball in the center of the filling, the filling into the dough zavarachivaem.
Very gently roll out the cake, not to got out stuffing.

Put the cake on a dry frying pan razagretuyu

Fry from 2 sides, finished cake grease with butter.

The output is a miracle here is vkusnyuschee.


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