Day in Photos, January 21, 2011

The last working day of week was marked by the inauguration of the one in which many people do not believe the demonstrations and the release of several hostages. And only in the fashion world everything is as it was planned in advance.

Another snowfall in New York. Times Square, do not stop brushing.

In China, too, is clearly not the tropics.

Muslims in Bangladesh are praying on the banks of the river Turaga.

Thai Buddhists pray in honor of the 84th anniversary of the birth of King of Thailand - Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Police takes demonstrators wearing masks of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In Tirana there are mass protests against the Albanian government.

Indian farmers block trains to protest the seizure of their land for the construction of power plants.

Result Marseilles dockers' strike in one of the largest ports in Europe and France.

South Korean special forces relieve the vessel from Somali pirates. The ship crossed the jewels.

German sailboat "Gore Foch" is anchored off the coast of South America is being investigated by military experts.

The phrase "I do not care - I'm in the tank" in action. The tank is parked in the Tunisian town of Bourguiba in the parking lot "for the Ministry of Women and Families».

But father Lukashenko arrived at the inauguration ceremony.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in compliance with the traffic rules on the way to lunch with former President Jacques Chirac.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with his Afghan counterpart. Dmitry just overwhelmed with happiness.

German Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner sipping beer at the exhibition in Berlin.

The main thing that bites.

Before the pavilion Russians Ilse not reached. But in vain.

In the hands of Neil Grainger four brands from Hong Kong with the image of Queen Victoria. The approximate cost of one to one and a half million US dollars.

Golden Rabbit in the hands of souvenir sellers in the quarter of Chinatown Manila (Philippines).

Singapore is also in full swing preparing for the Chinese New Year.

Reflection in sunglasses fans at Australian Open match between Maria Sharapova and Julia Gorges.

Japan national football team celebrates victory over Qatar national team in the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup.

Skier literally "flies in the clouds" during the Nordic Combined competition in the French Chaux-Neuve.

The game "We fool above all" from the Russian rugby team during the match against the New Zealanders.

In the Spanish La Molina await news about the beginning of the competition in snowboarding because of the snowstorm. One has not waited.

The Hong Kong Disneyland held a parade «Flights and Fantasy».

Tomorrow in Dusseldorf offers international exhibition «Boat».

A visitor to an art exhibition opened today the Japanese sculptor Odan Motohiko in Tokyo.

Dogfights in Afghanistan.

Chinese singer Faye Wong performs in Taipei.

«Big Day Out Festival» in New Zealand Auckland - one of the biggest music events in the region.

Snoop Dogg and Warren G during the concert at Rock City, Utah, USA.

Models on the catwalk in Berlin during the show «Fashion Rock Night».

Ongoing Fashion Week in Berlin (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week).

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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