Katy Perry (Katy Perry) presented a new fragrance Purr Mexico

The American singer has decided not to wait for a "sea of ​​weather" and went on promotional tour to boost sales of their offspring.

On the advertising board in support of a celebrity fragrance Purr dressed in a cat costume, which is very similar to a panther. What fans saw the presentation, little did not match the image. Katy Perry (Katy Perry) something unfinished in his makeup and appeared just as it has in everyday life. Definitely it was clear that the singer problem skin. But that's not all mistakes. In the photo she is dressed in a silver mini-dress. But before that Katie was wearing a dress with a completely senseless very open neckline that good people are advised to change in order not to amuse the audience. In general, the presentation went well and the singer promised to be sure to go on a musical tour of Mexico. Not only that, she even promised to sing a song in Spanish.


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