On the run

After the departure of the Russian national team of Polish hotel worker went to the toilet rooms and one guessed at once: - Here lived Kerzhakov.

In Crimea, at a concert Stas Mikhailov dolphins swam into the room and began to rescue people.

My cat thinks I live with her. And sometimes in her eyes I catch a hint that I must live separately.

Dinner: I - soup, cat - sausage. Put the cat in a bowl of soup, a piece of chicken. I see that he likes. I came out of the kitchen to take the phone back and find it in your soup a piece of sausage.

Drunk on the night of valerian - all night long dreamed of kissing with some mustached man. Next time, before taking valerian, throw a cat out of the bedroom ..

  • Table> - Moishe why ve got into my garden and zhrёte oranges ?! Wee also a believer, do not know what is written in the Torah & quot; You shall not steal! & Quot ;?
    Moishe from the tree:
     - What is still a beautiful country - Israel! Me sitting on a tree, eat oranges, but you also a Torah quote!


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