Life food when we sleep

Immediately two authors with similar works were found in the network. Their idea is quite simple. With the help of steel wire, they inspire everyday objects. For the most part, this is, of course, the food, but not always.

So, who are they? We will not share their work and show just one block photos Terry Border (Terry Border) and Ian Thomas (Ian Thomas). According to the latter, the idea came to him quite by accident when late at night he looked at the jar of tomatoes, and stood before the eyes of the life pattern. Inspire objects using wire it advised the work just Terry Border. First, Ian thought that it is a single idea, but over time these "life" situations appeared in my head more and more. The result you can see below. For Terry idea is not new for the past long period of time. This is his main creative direction.

Photo: Terry Border and Ian Thomas


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