Day in Photos, September 21, 2011

Wednesday was a feast for the eyes today and resembled a colorful kaleidoscope. What happened just today. There were typhoons, exhibitions, fashion shows and parades. In Bavaria, beer continues to revel in, and in his spare time to catch pirates.

Typhoon Roque attacking Japanese port city of Udon.

These apples from the garden Emplfors, England, a few hours later turned into raw material for the manufacture of cider.

From this PENGUIN abandoned by their parents, so it took to bring Beijing Aquarium, China.

Squirrel announces the release of US President Barack Obama and his wife from the White House, Washington, USA.

Partly beluga swimming in an aquarium in Beijing, China.

Muscovites are looking to communicate with the squirrel in one of the capital's parks.

Passengers wait for the resumption of railway traffic on one of the stations of Tokyo, due to the typhoon struck Japan Roque.

Turkish Airlines today announced the resumption of regular flights to Libya.

Indian workers down the sandbags on building a shopping center in New Delhi, India.

Kashmiri walk their geese through the streets of Srinagar, India.

Panchkula resident carries a bundle of plastic containers on their wagon, India.

A mechanic checks the tire pressure on the territory of the boxes, preparing for the Grand Prix of Singapore among the cars of Formula 1.

This cheerleader rugby team in Japan, during a match with the team of her fellow Tonga at the World Cup in New Zealand.

Armenian priests during the parade in Yerevan dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Independence of the State.

Wax figure of Benedict XVI in anticipation of a living pope in the square in Berlin, Germany.

Steward at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin in anticipation of the visit of the Pope.

The service in the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the cathedral.

Military exercises of soldiers mission OKDB near Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

The sun rose, and with it the Australian beer drinkers who settled at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany. Festival «Oktoberfest» continues.

Traffic police in Germany today on the highway near Hottskirhena stopped a car that simulates a pirate ship. In the car were men dressed as pirates. After the alcohol test and inspection documents for the car, "Pirates" was released.

Chinese farmer Shu Mansheng finally took to the air on its aircraft. However, it lasted only 10 seconds. But progress. Previous 4 models and did not show this, China.

Tobias Knecht demonstrates his version of the bike at the show in Frankfurt, Germany. Through the efforts of the hands and feet are not, it is a miracle of technology is capable of speeds up to 112 km / h!

Giant sculpture of silicone and fiberglass, entitled "Mask 2" exhibited by the author, Ron Myukom Australian Museum in San Ildefonso, Mexico City, Mexico.

Plastic figure of a man with an electric guitar in the exhibition Gunther von Hagen's "World Phone" in Rome, Italy.

British artist Julian Beever draws 3D-painting on the sidewalk in Paris in memory of the bombing 10 years ago at a petrochemical factory in Toulouse, which claimed 31 lives and injured well, more than one hundred people, France.

Here's a headpiece invented by Christopher Shannon for his show at London Fashion Week.

A model shows the spring collection from Rocco Barocco in Milan.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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