The house on all four sides

So we called the project Californian architectural bureau ┬źEdward Ogosta Architecture┬╗. The project is located in the Coachella Valley desert. The name of the house is not random and easily understandable.

The owner has a great opportunity to enjoy the views of the four sides. So conceived concept of the project. Even the apartment house are not reduced to its functionality in terms of accommodation, but only to family took their pets on the weekend went to a place where you can relax from the hustle and watch the beautiful tableaux. To do this, on the perimeter of the project are four towers, each of which has its purpose: east, west, south, and the night sky. Inside the north tower has a bedroom with a transparent roof. So, you can fall asleep, gazing at the starry sky. For those who do not know, away from the big cities starry sky much brighter and impressive.


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