Street artist from Sevastopol - Alexey Kislov

Those who have followed the process of subculture in Ukraine, probably already familiar with the work krymchanin. Fortunately, the city of Sevastopol have a huge amount of vacant brownfield sites and asked that decorate them.

Sevastopol though town and famous, but not so big, so this art-hooligans can be counted on the fingers. One of them is Alexey Kislov, not afraid to change the type of activity dramatically. From engineer a young man turned into an artist and designer. He participates in various art festivals, paints for pleasure and is engaged in interior design. Also, Alex often invited to other cities by writers and artists. In particular, his work is in several settlements of the Crimea, Kamenetz-Podolsk, Kiev, Moscow and Odessa.

Photo by Kislow


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