Steve Vin (Steve Wheen) - London gardener potholes

Great idea how to deal with the problems of the pits on the roads, came up with the 34-year-old Briton. Finding a pothole on the road, he planted there flowers and other plants, giving them full compliance oasis in miniature.

Steve Vin (Steve Wheen), of course, does not expect that the London city government immediately react to it "signals" and correct the situation. And the problem is in the creation of these "gardens" is not limited to the desire to improve the quality of the coating on the roads and sidewalks. Steve believes that in this way he will be able to make at least some part of road users to be careful and make them smile. As part of the harsh life of a multi-million metropolis - it's worth it. Unfortunately, if such enthusiasts appeared in our cities, then one of two things: either they would have ended the plants, or we would have drowned in the green :)


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